Perlu Agency has said that a Graphic is a pictorial representation of any image or word, which will give a clear idea about each one of these. There are two types of graphics. They are:

  • Vector Graphic and
  • Raster Graphic

Vector graphics are graphics that are primarily dependent on pixels. At the same time, Raster graphics are not entirely reliant on pixels. Vector graphics are very detailed, whereas raster graphics are not that detailed. 

Vector graphics are the best when an individual wants to opt for simplistic designs and shapes, whereas Raster graphic is best whenever an individual wants to opt for a complex structure.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design refers to art that is a mixture of images and texts that will help to create a graphic and will also help to communicate and make people understand through a pictorial representation. According to Perlu Agency, graphic design is a skilled format of sentiments, ideas, thoughts, and typography. 

Through graphic design, imagery can come to life. A graphic design can also be mixed with a form of language because a graphic design speaks and presents in its language. In another, a graphic design can also be stated as the arrangement of visual elements into a graphical form.

This graphic design is not by itself. There are people behind them who work day and night to complete a graphic design. But who are they? They are known as graphic designers.

Who is known as a Graphic Designer? 

Graphic designers are the people who are known as professionals in the field of graphic design. They collect and assemble all the pictures, images, typography, and art in the form of pieces. The graphic designer works hard and creates a mater piece from those minute pieces. 

When the graphic designer completes designing the designs, it gets published in different areas like social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It also gets published in newspapers, magazines, and articles. It is uploaded in both forms in print as well as electronic format.

What is the job of a graphic designer?

The graphic designer’s job is to collect and assemble all the broken pieces of particles to complete the work to create a visual representation. Perlu Agency has stated some graphic designing software with the help of that different types of software –

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Canva (Mobile phone and PC version)
  • CorelDraw
  • GIMP
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Sketch

And many more. These are all the best possible software available for graphic designing.

Qualifications mentioned by the Perlu Agency that one needs to have for becoming a Graphic designer

To become a graphic designer is not easy, and that is the reason why Perlu Agency has stated some qualifications so that one can understand whether they are qualified to become a graphic designer or not.

The following qualifications are:

  1. The first and foremost qualification that a person should have to become a graphic designer is a degree or diploma certificate in the course of Graphic design.
  2. The person who wishes to become a graphic designer should at least know how to use graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  3. The person must have work experience in the field of creativity.
  4. They should know how to stay calm and composed when the workload is enormous.
  5. They should be a perfectionist in detailing the minute places where it is needed.
  6. They should be cooperative.
  7. They should have leadership qualities.
  8. They know the importance of time and how to manage the work in that given period of time.
  9. They should have the capacity for critical thinking.
  10. They should have knowledge of the media and its convergence.
  11. They should have good communication skills.
  12. He should keep some basic knowledge of arts as well as fine arts.

Once these qualities match your personality, you are ready to become one of the skilled and finest graphic designers. The type of jobs you will get after working as a graphic designer that you can become an art director, web designer, mobile designer, and all the places linked with designing. 

In this digital work there is a lot of demand for a graphic designer. They add a unique value to any company.

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