DaaS solutions have transformed the way people work. Working from office is fast becoming a thing of the past and something only an earlier generation could identify with. DaaS, or Desktop as a Service, has immensely helped the post-pandemic world stay productive in ever-evolving ways. It has especially made remote work easier and more productive than earlier. Thanks to DaaS, trends like remote working have taken over almost all sectors. According to a survey, as much as 87% of the workforce in America prefers remote working over working in an office.

Following are the top 3 features of DaaS that have helped eliminate mobility challenges for today’s workforce:

  1. DaaS enables an Integrated Workspace

DaaS has transformed physical offices into virtual workspaces. DaaS delivers powerful virtual desktops that give employees instant access to corporate data and applications. DaaS deploys application virtualization to host virtual desktops on cloud servers. These servers are located at remote data centers. The desktops, however, are available on any internet-connected device. It means employees can access a DaaS-enabled workspace from anywhere and with the help of any device. Thus, the ability to work is no longer confined to being physically present at the office. Businesses can leverage virtual workspaces simultaneously as a tool for workload management.


  1. DaaS Delivers a Reliable User Experience.

Businesses now realize that the key to productivity lies in user experience. The better the user experience for employees, the higher the productivity rate is likely to be. If, on the other hand, employees have difficulty accessing business-critical data or applications, their ability to work is negatively affected. A difficult user experience leads to a loss of precious time and energy.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Local, office-based desktops are only accessible from within the office. It means employees located out of the office cannot work on them. “Anytime, Anywhere Access” isn’t just a catchphrase with virtual desktops. Businesses that depend on virtual desktops understand that these are the only guarantee of 24X7 consistent access to data and applications. Virtual desktops can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • User-friendly Experience: Coupled with the benefit of access is a positive user experience. For virtual desktops to do their magic, they must be as user-friendly as physical desktops. Ideally, users familiar with physical desktops must be able to adapt to a virtual desktop environment. If employees have a hard time using virtual desktops, their rate of productivity drops. That is why competent DaaS providers like Ace Cloud Hosting deliver a superb user experience that is as versatile as it is effective to suit the needs of every business.


  1. DaaS helps with complete budgetary control.

For most businesses, the cost is a factor that comes before all else. DaaS is a perfect solution because it helps in inessential cost-cutting and reduces the overall cost of running a business. Desktop as a Service pricing by reputed DaaS providers like Ace Cloud Hosting incorporates nominal base offerings and customized pricing plans suited to specific businesses and their requirements.

  • Pay as you go: Moreover, providers also accommodate flexible repayment options such as a pay-as-you-go pricing model and monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. The pay-as-you-go pricing model helps businesses save money by letting them pay only for the resources they use. This is not all. DaaS is easy and inexpensive to set up. With no need for hardware or setup infrastructure, businesses can leverage a substantially lower capital expenditure.
  • BYOD-enabled: The provider fully manages DaaS. Therefore, it requires minimal in-house IT intervention. DaaS also enables the easy implementation of BYOD (Bring Your Device). This further drives down operational costs as employees use their devices for work.



DaaS has made remote working a possibility. DaaS allows employees to work from home or any remote location without requiring daily commutes. Even adverse weather conditions no longer mean work interruption, as virtual desktops remain accessible at all times. DaaS-powered workspaces are innovative spaces for creativity and productivity that benefit team collaboration and easy communication. With DaaS, superior management and limitless scalability help a fast-paced work culture evolve even faster.