Chassis are used for the transportation industry, it is made of steel frame which has an axle placed with wheels. Chassis bears cargo containers, tank trailers to transport loads from one place to another.

What Is Called Chassis Leasing?

Freight or transportation companies lease or rent chassis and other transportation equipment from a chassis leasing company to transport containers with shipment and bulk products.

How to Lease a Chassis Trailer?

Term leases, daily leases and chassis pools are three plans for leasing a chassis. The variations are based on the duration of the leasing time and the charges also depend on the time of usage.

Chassis Pool:
The idea of cooperative chassis pools are proposed by chassis leasing companies. There is a manager who maintains the quality of the chassis and ensures availability for truckers’ needs. These kinds of chassis are mostly operated inside ports. The charges of the chassis pools are calculated from the time taking the chassis out from the terminal until returning it back to the terminal.

Chassis Term Leases:
This type of leasing plan has lower chassis leasing costs. Knowing that the chassis is safe, it allows truckers to pass through the port complex quickly. Long term leasing plans can cost more due to their additional maintenance requirements.

Daily Chassis Leases:
It is a daily rental option that many chassis leasing companies now offer with additional maintenance. These days, many leasing companies have adopted advanced technologies to manage options for online reservations. Some companies have also built intelligent solutions for truckers to monitor daily usage.
This type of technology allows paying a daily rate while helping to make fast delivery, reservations, and returning the chassis back to the depot.

Who Needs To Lease A Chassis?

Truckers, shippers, manufacturers and big logistics companies also lease chassis. They need to lease the chassis to save their costs from buying such big expensive, high maintenance items. By leasing a chassis, they just need to pay for the time of using the chassis according to the chassis leasing plan. It saves their pockets and also reduces their headache of storing and maintaining a heavy weight equipment. They can lease a fresh, good quality chassis whenever required without hassle from the leasing company.