Lost device, stolen phone, minor kid’s whereabouts, field employee’s work progress – whatever your reason is for wanting to find a cell phone location, you can now easily do so. This is even if all you have is a single basic information such as a phone number or a person’s name. Moreover, there are several options you can choose from. And if you wish to track phone locations without the hassle of installing hardware or downloading software, Kiwi Searches would be your best option. It’s accessible and efficient. Check out how.


Phone Number Search – What It Is and How It’s Done

To put it simply, a phone number search refers to the process of looking up a specific mobile number to acquire valuable information. This process is usually used to locate phone locations and/or retrieve lost devices. And thanks to various technological advancements, there are now various ways to initiate a phone search. 

Here are some of the commonly used ways on how to find who owns a phone number, as well as to extract all known or recorded locations.


Web Search Engines

You can use free sites like Google Chrome or paid sites like Kiwi Searches. The key difference is the efficiency of searching and generating reports. Paid sites are exclusively designed for phone searches so unlike free sites, you won’t have to manually browse through possible search results. Kiwi Searches, specifically, will provide you with the GPS locations and all available details instantaneously.


Built-In Location Trackers

You can optimize the built-in GPS tracker – a feature that’s available in almost all smartphones, especially the newly released ones. This tracking service is usually linked to an active online account and is associated with an official service provider. For instance, Android device users may opt to link their phones to their Google Accounts and use the Find My Device feature to track phone locations. On the other hand, iOS device users may use Find My which is linked to their Apple ID accounts.


Social Media Sites

You can try searching on social media sites as well since most of these platforms require phone numbers during account registration. Unlike exclusive phone search sites, however, you might have to browse through profile details and posts to actually see the known locations of the phone number in question.


Phone Monitoring Apps

You can install spy apps on target devices to remotely monitor phone locations. This must be set up beforehand, so it might not work for lost or stolen devices. Nevertheless, it’s also a convenient way to track cell phones.


Find a Cell Phone Location – Data Needed and Data Acquired

In most cases, you’ll see the GPS locations if you initiate a phone number search. But if you were to track a phone location using Kiwi Searches, you can receive more than that. This tech-advanced platform can pull out all valuable details and records relevant to the phone number being searched for.


  • Recorded/Known Locations (15-minute intervals)
  • Scam or Fraud Alert (if any)
  • SIM Status and Line Type (prepaid or postpaid)
  • Phone Provider and/or Network Carrier
  • Owner’s Name and Other Personal Details
  • Owner’s Work Background and Other Public Records
  • Owner’s Criminal History (if any)
  • All Linked Online Accounts or Profiles


The best thing about searching phone numbers nowadays is that you can do so even with the most basic information you have on hand. Whether you opt to find the location of a cell phone for free or via paid service providers, here’s some of the data you can use.


  • Phone Numbers
  • IMEI Numbers
  • Owner’s Names
  • Affiliated Accounts (Apple ID/Google Credentials)


Kiwi Searches Mobile Tracker – How to Locate a Phone by Number Efficiently

Kiwi Searches is a trusted and widely used web search engine that offers specific search reports such as phone number lookups. It’s a web-based platform designed for quick and convenient access. 

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard enable anyone – even less tech-savvy users – to enjoy hassle-free and risk-free searching. In fact, to start tracking, all you need is an active membership and active email account, as well as stable access to the internet and access to any internet-enabled device.


Navigate to the Search Engine Platform

Using your preferred device, navigate to the official website of Kiwi Searches. Check out the URL link (https://kiwisearches.com/) to ensure you’re not accessing a fake site. To utilize the specific phone tracking feature, access their Track-a-Phone page at https://kiwisearches.com/track-a-cell-phone.


Provide the Phone Number

Once on the specific page, type in the phone number on the designated search field. Double-check the digits and once you’re sure with the provided information, hit Enter or click on the Search Icon or Magnifying Glass Button.


Browse Through the Report

The system should only take a few seconds to pull out the needed data and generate the requested report. Once available, click on the View Full Report button. Provided that you have an active membership at the time of the search, you should be able to immediately access the report, including the phone locations and all other available details.



Conclusion: Is Kiwi Searches’ Find-a-Phone Feature Legal and Safe?

Kiwi Searches is a safe and secure search engine that adheres to all state and local laws concerning phone searching and data acquisition. In fact, it’s a trusted and credible all-in-one platform to not just locate phone numbers but also to help users secure their devices and protect their data.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to find the location of a cell phone for free?

You could try open-source web browsers like Google Chrome or social media sites like Facebook. Compared to exclusive sites like Kiwi Searches, however, these free methods aren’t as efficient.


How to find a cell phone location online?

Kiwi Searches is a web-based phone number lookup platform that offers searching without the need to download or install anything. All you have to do is navigate to their official site and run a search.


What other search reports does Kiwi Searches offer aside from reverse phone lookup?

Aside from phone number lookup, Kiwi Searches offer 5 other ways to search for reports, including person, sex offender, criminal, bankruptcy, and liens & judgments searches.