Today in this busy digitalized world everyone has fitness app in their phone even if they don’t go for a walk usually. The fitness boom bashed when Apple watch was launched back in 2015. Now more and more people are becoming aware of health tips and body figures. Hnece, the industry of fitness app development is growing every day. The online fitness industry is expected to reach $59 million by 2027. Now is the good time to catch the wave! If you are going to develop a fitness app of your own, then you are on the path of success definitely. 

Core Features To Be Included In a Fitness App

Here are some key features that are essential for your app to succeed. These features include:

User Profile– User can add his personal information like weight, age, height and more to generate a customized diet workout plan.

Fitness Tracking– The most significant feature of a fitness app is live tracking, progress and other valuable data related to users health 

Goal Setting– To improve the fitness level of users, your app must allow them to set goals and track their progress as well. 

Exercising programs– The programs tailer to user fitness goals should be easy to follow and offer them a great workout session. 

Nutrition Tracking- This feature helps user make better food choices and stay on track with their individual goals.

Customer Support– In case users have any querienrs or need assistance for the app, a customer support team should be readily available for them.

Challenges To Watch Out While Fitness App Development

Well, the whole process can be very challenging as these apps work wit lot of complex user generated data. Here are some challenges that you need to look at before starting the development process;:

  • UX that hinders user ability to put in their data. More a user will spend time on putting just information, the less he will use that application.
  • Don’t bring services that have no value for targeted audience. Learn what  is helpful for them and collect feedbacks as well.
  • Patching every element of the app can result in poor quality. Unfinished outcomes are disasters.
  • Having response design, alternative layouts, and other independent packages can be a challenge for the app. 
  • Keepping a same budget for contingencies is another aspect. Select a slight margin on estimated cost for unexpected expenditure margins.

Wrapping Up

Fitness and lifestyle are a growing trend, the mobile apps deliver ideal service to cater requirements of this industry. These apps help people loose weight, meet nutritional goals, enhance health habits, and maintain better physical health. Fitness App Development has raised as more users are ready to participate through fitness apps. Combining customer profitability with technology is a  great idea. If you are looking for such an opportunity, global industry of fitness application is waiting for you! It’s the perfect time to build a fitness app and claim your share of the market. Apptunix can help you achieve success without spending too much effort and resources. Get you idea and reach our website today!