We all wish to have the best floor tiles for our homes, right? The market is full of endless flooring material options to select from. However, when it comes to picking flooring material for moisture-prone areas we don’t explore that many options. Apart from price, design and durability, the functionality of the material shall be kept in mind for wet areas. Kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc areas are always exposed to water and require flooring that can withstand it. As a result, for regions prone to water or moisture, it is critical to opt for tiles composed of water-resistant or waterproof material. 

So, if you are looking for excellent water-proof flooring options then keep on reading. Because we will talk about 5 such flooring options that are just perfect for wet areas and will also add functionality to the space! 

Porcelain Tiles 

When it comes to waterproof tiles, porcelain tiles are regarded as one of the best. The tiles are not only long-lasting and fashionable, but they also have waterproofing properties for your flooring. The tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes, and forms. You won’t have to give up your desired design or style to waterproof the floor. The designs also include wood or stone, which offer the floor a distinct aesthetic while also providing water resistance. Wet flooring can be slippery, resulting in accidents in the home or office. However, porcelain tiles have anti-slip qualities that are useful even when the floor is not wet. The porcelain tiles’ roughness makes them resistant to slips and slides. As a result, when seeking waterproof flooring, porcelain tiles are the ideal alternative. However, ensure that the grout lines are securely sealed so that moisture does not pass through. The porcelain tiles’ roughness makes them resistant to slips and slides. As a result, when seeking waterproof flooring, porcelain tiles are the ideal alternative. However, ensure that the grout lines are securely sealed so that moisture does not pass through. 

Ceramic Tiles  

Let’s start this list with ceramic tiles. These fashionable tiles come in a variety of colours, tints, sizes, and designs. Textured ceramic tiles are ideal for rainy situations because they provide a firm footing. It prevents moisture from penetrating the grout lines and provides the flooring with a natural appearance. Ceramic tiles have a low water absorption rate, making them ideal for wet or moisture-prone spaces. Ceramic tiles, like porcelain tiles, are created using superior materials that make them thicker and more even, making them slip-resistant. As a result, ceramic tiles are commonly utilised in bathrooms and kitchens. The best thing is that these tiles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colours to choose from.  

Natural Stone  

Natural stone tile is yet another classic wet area flooring option. Marble, slate, travertine, granite, limestone, and sandstone are examples of natural stone tile. These natural stone tiles are long-lasting, environmentally beneficial, and visually appealing. Choose the stone with the lowest water or moisture absorption level as your flooring, whether it is vitreous, semi-vitreous, or impermeable. When it comes to finishing the entire flooring with natural stone, it should be noted that polished natural stone provides scuff-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring. Again, if required, seal the lines when placing the natural stone tiles to make the flooring completely watertight. The texture of the natural stone tiles provides a weatherproof and stunning appearance. 

Concrete Tiles  

Concrete is required for spaces such as garages and basements, and it also rates other flooring solutions for moist regions. Concrete tiles are ideally suited for places such as kitchens and bathrooms where concrete slabs have been laid. These tiles include features such as low maintenance, durability, and stain resistance, making them ideal for kitchens. Polished concrete tiles are affordable, durable, and water-resistant. Another quality that makes concrete tiles attractive is that they may be covered with ceramic tiles in the future if desired. Concrete tiles are considered the greatest alternative for bathrooms since they are non-slippery and water-resistant. All you need to be concerned about is correctly securing or sealing the surface during installation so that the porous material does not absorb water. 

Artificial Marble  

Can’t afford costly natural stones like marble for your bathroom flooring? But do you still want to have a rich appearance? Then there’s the option of artificial marble. This stone is made with the most advanced technologies available. Because it is an artificial marble, it is less expensive than natural marble while maintaining the same appearance. You also receive a slew of additional designs, colours, patterns, edges, and finishes. This marble is also regarded as a surface master because of its ability to fit flawlessly on any surface, including the bathroom floor. With an appropriate finish, it will be a safe and appealing bathroom flooring for the elderly as well. 


These were some of the best flooring options for moisture-prone areas that will enhance the functionality of the space and will make them safe too. In all those materials you can easily explore a ton of varieties to select the one which suits you the most. AGL is one of the leading tile manufacturers in India. Thanks to its immense variety of choices that includes materials such as MarbleX, Quartz, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and many more!