The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Friday Night Funkin Mods or Games is music since FNF is a rhythm game. Boyfriend is a fictional character who you control in the Friday Night Funkin’ rhythm game. In FNF, the boyfriend must continue to win against all of his opponents in order to date the girl. The opponent character will sing a sequence of notes during FNF Gameplay, and you must duplicate it using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys. The three levels of difficulty are included in every Friday Night Funkin Mod. EASY, NORMAL, and HARD are these. There are currently two game modes in Friday Night Funkin: Story Mode and Freeplay Mode. Below is further information regarding these two in more depth.

The Friday Night Funkin game’s primary mode is called Story Mode. In the Story Mode, you go through several weeks that add up the points from all the levels to get a final week score. Freeplay Feature: The Friday Night Funkin game also has this mode. You may play any song from any week at any moment while in Freeplay Mode. You may rehearse songs and improve your score by doing this.

Most Commonly Asked Questions


Does My Browser Support FNF Games?

All of the FNF Mods on our website are available in HTML5 format, a cross-platform format that is compatible with all current web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others.

What are the FNF Mods?

Open one of the games to play Friday Night Funkin Mods. Following that, you must click the Play button, at which point the game will begin to load in your browser. Your objective is to mimic the note patterns that your adversaries sing while utilizing the WASD or arrow keys.

What FNF Mods are the most popular?


The Mid-Fight Masses of Sarvente

Flippy VS

On Sunday Nights, Salty

Whitty, VS

Annie VS

VS Sky

Shaggy VS V2