Since your decision of having a firearm does not limit you to just having the firearm. You will essentially have to take care of it, ensure it is cleaned properly, lubricated and kept in good condition for long.

Many people consider cleaning a firearm to be a tough job. However, certain basics need to be followed for good results when it comes to cleaning firearms. For example, disassemble the gun, point the gun away from you while cleaning, etc.

However, it is not an easy task, but it is not something that people can’t do. Therefore today, we will explain how to keep your Cadex in Canada in six simple and easy steps.

1- Disassemble the firearm

Put on a pair of latex gloves, as led exposure is a concern, then check whether the gun is unloaded. Check the chamber and magazine, ensure it remains empty, and start disassembling the gun. Refer to the owner’s manual and carefully remove the slide, guide rod, spring, and barrel.

2- Use bore brush and clean the barrel

The barrel is the most important part, and it could affect your accuracy if the barrel is not kept clean. Apply solvent to the bore brush and run it through the barrel in a single direction. After some time, use a clean patch and run it through the barrel with a rod. Look inside and make sure it is clean and shiny.

3- Clear of the debris

Before adding any solvent, professionals recommend giving it a nice clean with a microfiber cloth to clear off debris. Ensure that small parts such as the spring do not have debris. Some prefer giving it a dry wipe, whereas some also use compressed air to remove the debris. It all depends on how stubborn the dirt is.

4- Use enough lubrication

Lubricant is the most important step to do before reassembling the gun. Lubricant is an oily chemical that ensures minimal friction on your firearm. If there is excess friction, the parts will rub with each other and cause wear and tear. Although, never use too much lubricant, as it will make the grip slippery. Wipe excess lubricant with a cotton swab.

5- Reassemble the gun

Ensure that everything is in place and nothing is out of order to ensure it will fire off properly. Do a dry fire, and ensure everything is in order. Run the microfiber cloth at the end to give it a nice finish touch. Once you’re sure the gun is clean and dry, you can start reassembling the gun.

6- Storing the gun

It is important to store the gun in a clean, dry and proper place away from the reach of children. Store the pistol in its dedicated pistol case and the rifle in the rifle case. The case should have foam on the inside, and it should be hard on the outside.

Key takeaways

Follow these steps to ensure your Cadex in Canada is always kept clean and remains in good condition for a long time. Check out the best Cadex from us at Rangeview Sports.

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