In India where every wedding is filled with guests, the concept of inviting only your close ones is still not approved by many families. The best wedding hotels in Delhi NCR host weddings of 500-600 people regularly. We all know that more than half of the people come to weddings for food in India and the other half come to your wedding to judge and 70% of their judgement is drafted based on food.

Food is no less than the soul essence of any wedding and all your wedding experience majorly depends on the food. Many guests attend weddings with the hope that their favourite dish will be there at the wedding. So there are some food items that you have to include in your wedding menu to please your guests.

Wedding hotels in Delhi NCR
Wedding hotels in Delhi NCR

List of food items that you must include in your wedding menu.

1. The tandoori platter.

Tandoori items are the recent big hit at weddings, people just love to snack on tandoori items during the event. Hot and spicy tandoori snacks are picked by everyone and no one says no to them. Paneer tikka, chaap tikkas, or veggies cooked in the smoky tandoor until the perfectly crisped outer covering. Not only for weddings but if you book a small hall for birthday party in Delhi as well as NCR, then also tandoori snacks are the most important starters that you have to include in your party.

Especially in Delhi, people always have crazy cravings for tandoori items and they get very low if they don’t witness their smokey snacks in the starter section. You can impress all the guests at your wedding with just over some starters. These are the small things of wedding hotels in Delhi NCR that later on contribute to a bigger judgemental perspective about your wedding.

2. The Chinese company.

Every kid and grown-up always has a plate in their hands with some Chinese snacks on it. For kids, it’s like they can have as much as they want without their parents preventing them. Adults also enjoy having Chinese snacks well simply because they are very delicious and when you see them you develop this weird craving for them. 

Wedding hotels in Delhi NCR mostly include Chinese cuisine on their menu because they know how much Delhi people love to have street Chinese food.

Including Chinese food in your wedding menu is like being a kid’s favourite because their sole purpose to come to a wedding is to have the junk food that they can’t have at their home.

3. The vegan vendor.

Now that more and more people are turning towards veganism you have to take care of them at your wedding. Including vegan items in your main course and starter, the section is a must so that they don’t have to chicken out from your wedding empty stomach. Even if you’re hosting a small event in a small hall for birthday party in Delhi you must serve vegan food to the bigger vegan audience. 

4 The multi-cuisine buffet.

Nowadays offering only one cuisine like north Indian is considered to be too boring. If you want to amaze your guests then you have to give the taste of the whole nation. Including a little south Indian or Gujarati or Punjabi cuisine to serve a pallet of variety to your guests. 

These are all the food items that should be included in your wedding menu for sure. Though wedding hotels in Delhi NCR themselves offer a multi-cuisine menu for your wedding, if someone misses out on something then you must add that item.

Food is like the USP of every wedding or small hall for birthday party in Delhi. People do admire the decoration and all for a bit but what enters their hearts is the food. For the closely related guest or the guest you can’t even remember but have to invite because it is India, your food menu will draft the major judgement about your whole evening and will make it memorable for you and your guests.

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