Sometimes, either because we don’t have Internet access or because we don’t want to use up our data, we’d prefer to download videos to view offline. Well, there are different paid websites available on youtube but at the same time, many websites on youtube are available that help you to download different videos for free. There is complete detail that will help you to download an embedded video using your browser’s developer tools, a browser extension, the VLC media player, web-based tools, and (as a last resort) screen capture software. So you should not be worried about it. 


Use these free websites that allow you to download your videos in HD view. Technology is a powerful tool that makes everything easy. You cannot only complete your work with the help of technology but you can also use different websites to download videos quickly.


In this article, we will talk about the ways to download any video on youtube.  HB tool services are the best website that provides free youtube video downloader.


Let’s have a look!

Download Videos Using Browser Extensions:

Browser extensions are among the easiest ways to download videos. Usually, installing a browser extension allows you to instantly download embedded videos. The following list includes three of our favorite extensions for downloading and saving material. Different websites that use Flash to download videos on youtube easily. These add-ons work with a variety of websites that embed videos. Additionally, since they do, function on YouTube, we’ll examine FastestTube and free YouTube Downloader, extensions created specifically to function there.

Flash Video Downloader:

Even though Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Adobe and is viewed as a dated and dangerous technology, The Flash Video Downloader is a great substitute for Firefox or Chrome and supports the majority of video codecs. You may find the Chrome version of this page by performing a search. Versions of Mozilla Firefox and Safari are also available for Apple users. You can rely on this source, which has gotten an average rating of 4.1 stars from more than 5,500 assessments if you want to download content to your device from a range of websites and online sources.

Chrome/Video Firefox’s Download Helper:

A Firefox add-on called Video DownloadHelper was created in 2007, and a Chrome extension followed in 2015. There is a Mac version of Safari. Both platforms have undergone routine maintenance and updates to maintain compatibility. There is a complete list of websites supported by Video DownloadHelper, from well-known ones like Free YouTube to MP3 conversion sites and Vimeo to less well-known ones that have a large selection of videos.


FastestTube and YouTube Video Downloader take a little longer to install than the aforementioned extensions because they aren’t supported in the Chrome Store. These extensions must be manually installed because YouTube makes it very difficult to download videos from the website. Thankfully, it’s not difficult, and the website itself provides thorough instructions.

Final Words:

Although this is the era of science and technology. Technology is progressing day by day. It has been easy to modify your daily task. You can perform your duties easily. The same is the case with the internet now you can download your videos from youtube easily. There was a time when you feel problems downloading any video but now you can download it any time whenever you want. All you need is to have an awareness of the technology. This awareness helps you to download anything from youtube even youtube thumbnails. Many websites provide many proxies that make downloading easy.