Carton Flow Rack is best suited for products with relatively high shipping frequency. Some advantages over other carton storage systems are: By reducing travel distance and turnaround time, Carton Flow Racks eliminate the aisles required in standard carton storage systems. Refilling from behind allows orders to be picked up from the front of the picking plane and filled simultaneously.

The movements represent a large part of the work of the carton picker, which demonstrates the importance of minimizing the factors that affect the work of the order picker. For example, many pharmaceutical companies use carton flow rack systems. This is because the front picking surface makes more items available to the order picker, significantly reducing walking distance and time.

Archive Storage Rack

Definite inventory management

Florac is easily accessible to pickers, so employees don’t have to be mentally and physically prepared for work height. Built-in material handling equipment that lifts pickers to their respective locations in the rack, unlike carton storage systems where high product stacking is a concern

Front, the number of picking line items can be dramatically higher than that of a carton storage system. Separate replenishment and choosing DISTRIBUTION X to maximize floor space. It makes up for the drawbacks of being tall.

  • Minimum supervision required of workers
  • reduce human error
  • Inventory levels that are easy for workers to see
  • Easy installation with add-ons that allow customization
  • built-in workstation rack
  • Pick-up Conveyor – Mounted on a rack and serves as a pickup or takeaway
  • Added wheels for increased rack maneuverability

However, the Carton Flow Rack may have limitations compared to the regular Carton Rack. For example, rack height restrictions. Carton flow racks can only hold up to a specific height range, so larger cartons may not fit into the frame. Carton Flow Racks are also appropriate for particular items in each Quantity. This is because you can have numerous SKUs and may not require filling them regularly.

Hybrid Rack is an excellent choice as they can hold many different SKUs and get the most out of your warehouse. However, there are some limitations to the racking that must be considered. A hybrid racking system is also necessary to pay attention to the type and characteristics of the product and how to choose it.

Hybrid Rack


The use of archive shelves has grown exponentially over the years. Organizations are searching for the most viable solutions to store important papers and documents in a secure and organized manner. Such urgent need of organizations has made this shelving system very popular. As the name suggests, archival storage and shelving units store many public documents; this storage system is a great commercial advantage. An Archive Storage Rack in your office saves you the hassle of sifting through piles of papers to find a particular record or file. Label each rack for easy-to-find copies of documents and files. This increases productivity and saves time while providing easy access to all your essential stored documents.