Guangdong Dongpin Beauty Medical Equipment Co is known for its high quality beauty products, Salon Bed and supplied. We offer materials and gadget for spa proprietors and rubdown therapists and a variety of products for non-public massage and relaxation. So, Dongpin Beauty also have non-public beauty products for skin care and nail care, plus cosmetics and waxing materials.

We Medical spa bed, spa slippers and gowns, and even disposable for modest clients. We also convey device and hardware inclusive of spa tables, UV gel curing lamps for nails, and excessive-tech face steamers. Our enterprise makes a speciality of imparting great massage beds to experience your spa tourist excellent and luxurious. We offer our customers with simple tools and substances that can fulfil spa or Salon Bed needs.

Electric facial bed

Are you searching for Electric facial bed; then you can connect to us. We are one of the market-leading distributors of cosmetic equipment and products. The bed has a very unique design with unlimited positioning. It combinations which will give you the ultimate freedom to perform even outpatient. We have hand-crafted with the best materials to offer optimum reliability and comfort.We understand the delicate nature of medical procedures. then, Our design trends are constantly competing with functionality, comfort and ease of use. It is easy to use controls, adjustable backrest and largest, sanitary paper holder, and removable and adjustable headrest. The bed gives an aesthetician more control in comfort, reach and mobility.

Salon Bed

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