29 Jun 2022

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High resolution stickers Mockup

High resolution stickers Mockup 

Stickers aren’t just useful for your business. They are also like works of art that can make your brand stand out from other brands. It is also popular as a promotional material for events and can be distributed or presented to participants.  If you want to create high quality stickers, you can use Graphizy Sticker Mockup Bundle to create adorable and amazing designs. These PSD sticker mockups are easy to use and you can preview your custom sticker design. Regardless of  the size of your business, it’s important to consider how you’re branding. Solid branding  not only raises brand awareness, but  can also boost your business by helping to increase customer loyalty. Remember that branding is as important to your business as  quality.

These are Ultra-realistic, unique, convenient, trendy and stylish models. Real photo base, really high resolution, easy to use. The best way to showcase your creative sticker mockup design!

Main Features:

  • Adobe PhotoShop Files (PSD)
  • Easy to edit with Smart Object
  • Changeable Background and paper colors
  • High resolution 4000x2667px
  • Organized layers


The goal of any brand is to make a good impression that attracts attention. This can be achieved using a variety of methods. However, high resolution  stickers with the logo are still relevant  today and are great for promotion. For this reason, there are many  mockup designs for stickers that people can use for their business. Even small, it can deliver a powerful message to consumers. The great thing about them is that they can be customized to make a big impact on your business.  Another advantage of using the sticker model is  the investment details. You don’t have to spend a lot on them. It’s also easy to add logos and other branding elements. Today, there are many types of sticker models you can choose from. It is usually in PSD format for ease of customization.


Creating a professional mockup is a very important task for marketers and business owners. This is because  high resolution mockups help visually convey product design ideas to colleagues, investors, or customers. And they are also incredible visual marketing tools. The concept of mockups has been around for a long time and is offered in various forms.

But today, thanks to technology, you don’t have to be a professional artist and you don’t have to spend countless hours drawing mockups. By quickly creating mockups using the online tools, you can now create mockups in minutes, saving valuable time, energy and money. By using the  mockup, you can implicitly understand with your colleagues and clients what your finished product or design will look like or  look like before you start the actual creation process. You can avoid assumptions and confusion. You can also use the high resolution mockup to share product ideas and renderings with your customers. This gives customers  a better understanding of what they are buying before they buy.


Round Sticker Mockup Set

Strange things about one of the high resolution  stickers. No matter how many  are already hidden, they will not be enough. The Round Sticker Mockup Templates collection contains 10 PSD files with layers organized to give you the freedom to design stickers and coasters. With all these realistic details and easy-to-use features, the Sticker Mockup Kit is irreplaceable for  branding projects and presentations of logos, patterns, stickers and lettering.

Vinyl Stickers Mockup Bundle

You are blessed with a huge sticker high resolution mockup collection that creates an endless amount of ready-made stickers on isolated backgrounds. In fact, to showcase a high quality design, there are 12 square rectangular round sticker mockup files with sharp or curved corners, with or without curls! Open each  to see how to customize

Holographic Stickers

All of these high resolution sticker mockups were designed in Photoshop and created from scratch for  clean and trendy holographic effects. In fact, each sticker model from the collection of 10 stars and 10 circle elements can be used as  additional details. This will improve the overall configuration by a factor of 10. And how easy are they  to use thanks to SmartObject?

Noissue Stickers Mockup Bundle

Ever wanted to see your logo on a sticker before investing in the real thing? Then this package is perfect for you. Beyond the selection of high resolution mockups, this bundle of 54 PSD scenes acts as a treasure chest for branding designers. Words alone can’t explain all the features, so take a look at the preview to see what you can get and use in your work.

Decals Stickers Mockup Set

Use the high resolution sticker mockup set to add a touch of goods to your design. There is nothing extra. All you need is the  editing tool. The pack contains 18 PSD mockups (3 versions of stickers: metallic, glitter and standard). There are circular, vertical, and horizontal files with different page ratios that can act as both  regular stickers and laptop sticker mockup designs. All you have to do is choose the best high resolution sticker mockup template.

High resolution sticker mockups often feature stunning designs to help creators nail various branding and illustration projects. Overall, they have become a necessity and many companies also offer branded stickers. So  stay on the trend  and get a mockup of flashy graphizy stickers or something! Product appearance fidelity is typically medium to high, and  high resolution mockups focus primarily on  product appearance, but also show the basics of its functionality. The main task of mockup is visual design. In this phase, the appearance creates a product color scheme, typography, iconography, and atmosphere.