In recent years, the Asian market has become a major market for Honda: Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia have all become strategic areas for the company to enter, and have led to a wide range of models for consumers to choose from. The Brio and the Honda Brio Amaze 2022 have recently been given a minor facelift to enable the two brothers to gain a firm foothold in the Southeast Asian market and retain a certain degree of competitiveness.

The new model has been given a sporty look with a lighter bonnet, a front end that looks a bit like the City, and a variety of wheel designs to choose from. The tailgate has a small rear wing configuration and is accented by some honeycomb trim and an air force kit underneath. It is easy to see the Amaze’s low profile, as it seems that we haven’t seen that kind of antenna design since the 1990s.

The engine configuration is naturally the entry-level engine, with a 1.2L natural gas engine and CVT transmission, with an output of 90hp and 110Nm. The safety equipment remains unchanged, with ESC definitely not available, which is not surprising as it is a small entry-level car with two airbags and ABS as standard, like most cars in its class.