Australia is a dream place to come whether you are a student, a skilled worker, or a businessman. Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and having the biggest economy came at 12th place in the world ranking. In the year 2012, Australia was the world’s 5th most notable capital income holder. Not just these are the reason that many people wanted to live their life in Australia. Many people came here for personal satisfaction, assured common freedom, better career options, financial security, and political rights. This is guaranteed land for a large number of potential migrants so that they will get personal satisfaction with many advantages. When you are considering permanent residency, then it has brought with it a huge number of advantages and rights that will be highly supportive of the Australian changeless living arrangement.


Given is the list of rights and advantages you and your family going to enjoy once you be permanent residents of Australia.


Can Work for Any Employer in Any Industry- When you become a permanent resident of Australia, you will get a huge number of work rights. Inclusion for that is you are now eligible to work for any of the industry with any employer as per your previous experience, studies, and knowledge except public services or armed forces.


Can Stay In Australia Forever- The Australian permanent residency visa will allow you to stay in Australia for 5 years, still, you can get done the renewal for the visa to get permanent residency for another 5 years every time it expires.


Get Entitled With Medicare- Australia has one of the best medical systems in the world. When you get permanent residency in Australia, then you can be able to get access to the Australian Medicare scheme. This scheme will allow you to get free public hospital care, subsicity for some medical services and medicines along with access to the public bulk general practices. For some cases, you can also lodge an application for Medicare upon the lodgment of a permanent visa.


Sponsor Your Relatives So That They can Come To Australia- With permanent Australian residency, you can sponsor your relatives and other family members so that they can come to Australia. You can sponsor, your wife, parents, children, brother, sister, in-laws, and other members too.


An Access To Free Primary And Secondary Government Schools- Permanente residency in Australia came with huge perks and one of the most important of all is that you can access free government schooling. Some states do not offer free schooling for temporary visa holders but these are exceptions.


Assessment to Pursue Higher Education In Australia- When you have become an Australian permanent residency visa, then you got the chance to access higher education in Australia and can even have a loan for that too. You can even access financial assistance through Higher Education Loans Program (HELP), which means you can go to the university and pay your fees later.


Assistance From Centrelink- Citizens with Australian PR can have access to Centrelink in Australia. This will offer you social welfare and assists you with aid including study, unemployment, or sickness.


Australian Born Child Of PR Holder Parents Gets Their Australian PR automatically- Children who are born to Australian PR holders automatically get their Australian citizenship when born in Australia.


Eligible To Apply For Australian Citizenship- Permanent residents have the option so they can apply for citizenship in Australia because with that you can also be able to ask for numerous benefits which are associated with it you can say in government elections too. For this purpose, you need to live in Australia for at least four hours and have been a permanent resident for at least 1 year.


Eligible For First Home Owners Grant- Australian permanent residents can have access to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) which is worth around $10,000 that you can use to purchase your first apartment, house, property, or townhouse that is valued under $75,000.


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