Forget TV ads and campaigners going door to door – these days, social media is one of the most important tools political campaigns use to win elections. And of all the platforms out there, Instagram is one of the most effective.

Why? Because it allows campaigns to connect with voters personally and show them what the candidate is really like. Through Instagram, campaigns can tell stories, share photos and videos, and give voters a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign.

Of course, simply having an Instagram account isn’t enough to win an election. The political consulting firm will help you craft a strategy that will make the most of Instagram and help you reach your target voters.

Tips for Using Instagram in Your Political Campaign

Take Some Initiative and Consider Your Goal

The major objective for any candidate seeking an election is to raise their profile to improve their chances of success. Yes, Instagram is one of the newest social media platforms that political figures utilize, but it will soon be a standard campaign function comparable to Facebook and having a website.

Always have a purpose in mind; this will help you create your profile, and it can also be used to help you stay updated on messages and interactions you’ve had with voters. Most importantly, consider what you want your target audience to see about you.

You may also include your goal or aim in the bio link section, an often-overlooked but powerful tool on Instagram.

Create your Narrative

Now that you have a reason for creating an Instagram account, the next step is to figure out your narrative and how you will go about it.

This is how you introduce yourself to your followers. Of course, it’s critical to be yourself on the internet, but it’s also crucial to project a professional image, especially if you want to work in an office one day.

Before you’ve even been elected, Instagram can assist you in becoming the person you want to be. Many political candidates struggle between being “too wooden” and giving away too much individuality. Remember that it’s difficult to be everything for everyone. So consider whether you want to show the ‘official you’ or the ‘offline you.’

  • The Official You: This account will most frequently be utilized to express campaign messages, photos from events, and sound bites from speeches. It’s a fantastic campaign tool and a great way to switch off from social media when you’re not campaigning.
  • The Offline You: This account resembles having two professional and personal accounts accessible at the same time. These days, politics is strongly influenced by events in the private lives of politicians. This is described as fascinating content for social media users, and while we all like seeing behind the scenes, it gets tiring for the person who has no off button. Your offline account should show your day-to-day activities, provide transparency into your personal life, and allow voters to see the ‘real you.’ It should also be used to show your interests outside of politics.

Remember that no matter what type of account you choose, always remain respectful and refrain from posting anything that could damage your reputation. Political campaign consultants can help you determine the best way to tell your story and connect with voters.

Plan Your Content

What sort of content do you want to publish on your Instagram account? What kind of material, for example, photos, videos, daily stories, or frequent blog postings? You choose. The functionality on the Instagram platform is excellent.

Many political campaign strategies include promotional materials, helpful posts, and discussions about how to get in touch with.

  • Promotional Content: Campaigns have strict timings, which are usually bookended by important dates like voter registration days, promotional activities, lectures, school visits, and of course, election day.

Well-prepared candidates will always include these important dates on their channels, including Instagram. Use a #hashtag to increase your content’s discoverability and make it easier for potential supporters to find you.

  • Helpful Content:  Content that provides helpful information to potential voters is always a great idea. Tell others about your distinct qualities, why you should be elected, and the policies you intend to work on. People have a mental block about Instagram being all about visuals, and this is true to some extent. However, more individuals engage with Instagram these days by reading rather than just looking at photographs. Also, it has now become a major news source, so utilize the comment section and the story function to communicate important campaign information.
  • Connecting: The good news is that Instagram hashtags are still a viable strategy to acquire more Instagram followers and boost interaction. Politics is all about building relationships, so it’s essential to use hashtags that connect you with others. From following hashtags to incorporating them in your Instagram Stories, there are many more ways for you to utilize Instagram hashtags this year and help you plan your campaign’s progress towards specific goals!

So, this year, make sure your hashtags are still relevant – look for a well-known one and try not to use them. Consider changing the hashtag now and then to make your profile more appealing to different accounts that may be searching for hashtags across a variety of platforms, as many people search on the Discover page using the # symbol.

If you’re running a business profile campaign, you’ll be able to evaluate post insights, which can help you figure out what content is performing and how to reach a bigger audience.

Interact With Others

When it comes to networking, Instagram has an excellent messaging feature, so as with Twitter, direct messaging is strongly encouraged as part of your campaign strategy!

It is quite simple to reach out to prospective voters, future volunteers, and other supporters. Remember that everything you post on Instagram will enhance your reputation. People will already have a specific impression of you when you reach out. If you’ve been doing an excellent job, it will reflect well on you; and if you haven’t, that would be something you would want to work on!

Be genuine in your interactions and try not to come off as a salesman. You want individuals to like you for who you are and support your campaign because they believe in you and your message – not because you’ve been able to sell them on it successfully.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are multiple ways that political consulting firms can use Instagram to win elections. By utilizing the platform’s features, you can create promotional and helpful content, connect with potential supporters, and genuinely interact with others. With a little bit of action and creativity, you can use Instagram to take your political campaign to the next level!