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What is a replacement hip?

Hip replacement (also known as hip arthritis) is a surgery to relieve hip pain. This surgery involves replacing parts of the hip joint using artificial implants. The hip joint comprises a ball (at top of the leg bone, also called the thigh bone), and a socket (inside the pelvis, also called the hip bone). One or both of the hip replacement parts can be replaced. The procedure will allow you to continue your daily activities and exercise without pain.

Who is eligible for a hip replacement?

If you have severe pain, inflammation, or damage to your hip joints due to conditions like:

  • Osteoarthritis (most prevalent)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis (avascular neoplasm)
  • Trauma such as a hip fracture
  • Tumor in the hip joint

How can you determine if you require a hip replacement?

If you are experiencing hip pain that is affecting your quality of life, it might be time to consider hip replacement. You can see signs that your quality of life is declining:

  • Pain causes the inability to sleep soundly.
  • It is difficult to do simple tasks, such as dressing or climbing stairs.
  • Inability or incapacity to fully participate and enjoy the activities.

Your doctor might recommend that you seek other treatment options such as pain medication, injections for joint inflammation, walking aids, or physical therapy. If these treatments do not alleviate pain or stiffness, then hip replacement surgery may be recommended to restore function and enhance the quality of your life.

Types of hip replacement surgery

You may need a hip replacement depending on several factors. Our hip replacement surgery in Trivandrum gives Each of these factors that will be considered by your doctor when you plan your care.

Partial and total hip replacement: What parts should be replaced?

Total hip replacement (total Hip Arthroplasty) involves replacing both the socket as well as the ball. The ball (or head of the bone) is the only part of a partial hip replacement.

How can the surgeon access the hip for anterior, posterior, and lateral replacements?

An orthopedic doctor can access the hip joint from different angles. The following are the most common ways to reach the hip joint.

Anterior approach to hip replacement: From the front

  • The side (lateral approach for hip replacement)
  • To the back (posterior view of hip replacement).


Traditional and minimally invasive hip replacement: How big is the incision?

Minimally Invasive Replacement Hips

Minimally invasive Hip Replacement aims at minimizing the damage to healthy tissues such as blood vessels, muscles, and other vital organs. Orthopedic surgeons use minimally-invasive techniques in all aspects of hip surgery. While anterior hip replacement was marketed as an easy procedure, they are now able to perform the procedure with minimally-invasive methods. Your surgeon can help you decide which method is best for you.

Minimally invasive hip surgery allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint through a few small incisions and then move the muscles aside. This approach can have some benefits, including:

  • There is a lower risk of injury to the muscles
  • Less pain
  • Faster and simpler recovery
  • Little limping
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Lower chance of hip dislocation
  • A minimally invasive hip procedure is not recommended for everyone. The surgeon will consider your weight, age, and fitness levels to determine if the patient is a suitable candidate.

Traditional Hip Replacement

Traditional hip replacements require a single, large incision to allow the surgeon access to the hip. This is usually done via the side (lateral approach), or from the back.

A traditional hip replacement may require a lengthy recovery process. To get to the joint, the surgeon will need to remove or cut some muscles or tendons. When the hip implants have been placed, muscles and tendons are repaired. You might be at risk of dislocation until the hip implant’s supporting structures have healed. Talk to our Best Orthopedic Doctor in Trivandrum about which surgical approach is best for you.

Talking to your doctor about the best approach

Your doctor will choose the best surgical approach for you based on several factors. These include how the surgeon will reach the hip, how the implant will be attached and what type of implant it will be. Also, your age and activity level as well as the shape and health of your hip bones. Future surgery is also important because different surgical approaches and implant attachments can make revision surgery more difficult or easier.

Your surgeon will discuss with you the options for minimally invasive or traditional hip replacement. Also, he will explain how he intends to perform the procedure and the type of implant he will use.