Creating custom labels with attractive illustrations and images can increase your chances of making a sale. Choosing colors wisely is important because they can excite and energize your customers. Choose colors that reflect the theme of your brand or product. They should also be vibrant and catchy. A professional designer can help you create a design that will draw the attention of your customers.

Product grouping

Custom labels help you group products together based on certain attributes. By defining labels that are specific to each category, you can optimize your product grouping efforts and make your campaigns more targeted. This way, you won’t waste your ad spend on products that are not performing well, and you’ll have more sales from high-performing products.

custom label printing also lets you segment products by price. This is especially useful when you have a large variation in product prices. For instance, if your product costs $150, it might be in the $50-$150 price range. Using price buckets in your product grouping can help your customers find the best products at the lowest prices. These types of labels can be created using feed rules and third-party feed optimization tools.

Product identification

Product identification nameplates are a common way for businesses to provide helpful information about a product. Not only are these labels permanent, but they also provide a variety of other benefits to a business. Aside from helping consumers make informed decisions, these nameplates are also effective for improving quality and identifying the source of a problem.

Custom labels are fairly easy to create. First, you need to find a printing and design company that can produce the labels you need. Once you find a suitable company, you can upload your design. Next, you need to decide the size of the label and the copy. Then, you’ll need to wait for the results.

Product feeds

If you want to optimize your product feed for Google Shopping, custom labels are a great way to go. They will help you identify which products are most valuable. For instance, you might have products that sell for a higher profit margin, or that are more popular during certain seasons. It is time-consuming to figure out which products are worth promoting, so custom labels make the process easier.

You can create up to five custom labels for each product feed. Then, you can specify the values for these labels. Make sure that you use these labels consistently for all products. Also, make sure that you use the right values for each label. Generally, these labels begin with zero and end with four.


Labels can be a great way to boost your Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy. By segmenting your products by value and margin, you can optimize your bid and budget to attract the most targeted customers. This can also allow you to increase the bid on your top-selling products while keeping the cost per click low. For example, you can aggressively bid on your best-selling items, but be careful not to overspend on your low-margin products.

For example, if you sell car parts, you might want to split your products by price. This will allow you to allocate more money to your best-selling items and reduce your advertising budget on products that generate less income. You can then adjust your manual bidding strategy as needed.

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