Gas Safety Certificate UK provides gas certificates to commercial and industrial facilities nationwide. With a team of over 100 commercial gas safety certified engineers, we can help you insure your business, keep your staff safe, and open your company to business.

How Much Does a Commercial or Industrial Gas Safety Certificate cost?

A commercial Gas Safety Certificate typically costs around £200 per gas appliance. The Industrial certification is the same as the Commercial Gas Safety Certificate. However, depending on the kilowatt output, the regulator may require a special gas resistor. Therefore, industrial gas safety certificates are more expensive. The Gas Safety Certificate is valid for 12 months.

Commercial Gas Safety

Annual gas safety verification for commercial gas appliances is a legal requirement for commercial establishments. Once the inspection is complete and the property passes inspection, a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate can be issued to the business. Commercial establishments have different types of gas safety certificates. The most common types are:

  • CP17 gas safety certificate
  • CP15 Plant Department Commissioning/Service Records
  • CP44 Mobile Food Supply Gas Safety Certificate
  • Inspection and Purification of CP16 Gas
  • CP42 Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate for restaurants, hotels and any business with catering facilities

CP42 Food Supply Gas Safety Certificate

Her CP42 gas safety certification for commercial kitchens must be performed by a licensed commercial gas technician who works on commercial food appliances. The CP42 Gas Safety Certificate Service differs from general commercial gas safety in the following ways:

  • Restaurant
  • Mobile food advertising trailer
  • School kitchen
  • Takeout and fast food restaurants
  • Cooking industry facilities

A gas-safe locking system is also required as part of CP42 certification. The central locking system has an emergency stop button on the kitchen outlet. This health and safety requirement relates to kitchen exhaust and gas appliances that ensure that the exhaust system is closed when the gas supply is cut off. Some facilities, such as schools, may have carbon dioxide monitors installed as part of their gas safety shutoff system.

List of Gas Safety Certificates

  • As an owner or occupant, are you responsible for the building?
  • Is there a boiler for heating or hot water in the building?
  • Do you have a boiler maintenance schedule?
  • Has the boiler been tested in the last 12 months?

All gas appliances, pipes, chimneys and interlocking systems should be checked. The inspection ensures that all factors are covered, such as coverage at the required rate, CO and CO2 levels not too high, and gas sludge in the feeder.

A list of safety checks is regulated by law and they are so important that you must show that they are up to date in order to purchase insurance. Failure to obtain a current Gas Safety Certificate and keep a copy in the building will void your insurance coverage should something happen to your property.

If you do not have a commercial Gas Safety Certificate, you are not insured, endangering the health and safety of your staff and customers, as well as being prosecuted under Rule 35 Gas Safety (Installation and Use). Laws concerning the obligations of employers and self-employed persons.

Which Properties Require Commercial Gas Safety Certification?

Annual gas safety inspections are required for commercial or industrial premises with gas appliances, or commercial food establishments. We can conduct commercial gas safety inspections and issue certificates for both natural gas and LPG stations. We can also advise you on the maintenance and repair work required to pass gas safety inspections.

Our commercial gas safety inspectors inspect commercial or industrial gas appliances, domestic gas pipes and valves. Store safely in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Once your property has been inspected, we will hand over your Gas Safety Certificate directly from the site. If your business needs a commercial or industrial gas certification, Gas Safety Certificate UK can help you wherever you are in London. Call our gas trading team on 020 7097 1689.