Today, Apple releases the most awaited iOS 15 updates for iPhone running iOS 14. As the new update landed, iPhone users around the world want to how long iOS 15 take to download & install. As an iPhone user, I also have the same question I cannot keep my iPhone down for some time since I get a lot of business messages and calls.

At least, I need to know how much time it needs to install iOS 15 on my iPhone so that I can manage my stuff for some time. As usual with the launch of the new iOS update, iOS 15 also released a new set of problems. For most people, please pay extra attention to the iPhone updates taking forever to download or the procedure getting frozen midway or bricked.

What is iOS 15 size?

Normally, the new iOS 15 stable version has around 3GB of size. Hence, you need to make sure that you are connected to a good Wifi network.

How long does iOS 15 take to download?

iOS 15 with 3GB size takes around 10-11 minutes to download the file if your device is connected to a good Wifi network.

How long does iOS 15 take to install?

Once iOS 15 is downloaded completely, it will need around 15-18 minutes to install the file, including a reboot.

How long does iOS 15 take to install? Alongside iOS 15 download and install time, iPhone will also take around 5-6 minutes to sync data and backup and transfer file to keep your stuff back in place and safe.

While downloading and installing i-OS 15, you need to keep your device connected to a charger since it will need good battery life.

What if iPhone takes forever to update iOS?

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Is Your iPhone Compatible?

If you have an older iPhone, you might be wondering if it supports iOS

Well, if it’s an iPhone 6S (2015) or newer, then your device has made the cut.

But you should also know that features like Portrait mode on Face-Time, Live Text, augmented reality directions in Maps, and spatial audio, among others, will only work on iPhones powered by an A12 Bionic Chip or newer.

That means you’ll need an iPhone XS or newer to make the most out of the update.

Why is iOS 15 Taking So Long to Download?

Now, you decided to go ahead and install the iOS 15 beta build on your iPhone, but it is taking forever to download. The mobile OS seems to be stuck during installation.

What should you do in this situation? Well, you first need to make sure you have a stable internet connection. Since the download size of iOS 15 is huge (around 5GB to 6GB, depending on your iOS 15 compatible iPhone model), a stable internet connection helps ease the download and installation process.

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If the iOS 15 update gets stuck or takes too long to download, even if you have a stable internet connection, then Apple’s servers could be at fault.

Since a large number of iPhone users rush to download the latest iOS beta as soon as it’s rolled out, Apple’s server might find it hard to cater to the high demand. Thus, it’s always better to download the software after a few days of the official rollout.

How to Install iOS 15 :

Before installing iOS 15, back up your iPhone. Backing up is simple if you do it via iCloud. Head to Settings. Tap on your name at the top and then tap iCloud. Scroll until you see iCloud Backup and toggle it on if it isn’t already.

If it’s already on, tap Back Up Now to force a fresh backup. If you go back to the previous page, you can toggle off things you don’t want to back up.

This is the easy way to back up your device. If you don’t have enough iCloud storage, our How to Back Up Your iPhone guide goes into other options.