Nashville is rightly known as Music City, and its music culture is a major part of its uniqueness. The life and spirit of the city and its inhabitants have been linked by music. Additionally, tourists have come to this location to take in the music that is crucial to its social, economic, and cultural fabric. Live music can be seen and heard every day and night of the week in the renowned honky tonks on Broadway. Furthermore, there are more than 180 music venues in the area, ranging from enormous arenas and concert halls to small bars, playing many genres of music.

The Stage on Broadway has three stages for live music. That means three different live performances are held simultaneously. One is on the main floor, then another on the second floor, and a third on the rooftop. The Stage has many different musicians that perform every day. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, you have to pay a visit to The Stage and catch a live performance! Here are a few reasons why.

Reasons to Go to a Live Music Show

Stress Buster

According to research, music can momentarily divert our attention away from pain by stimulating different brain regions. Similar effects are produced by live music. Live music’s surroundings and ambiance promote endorphin release, which acts as a painkiller and signal blocker. It’s also been shown to reduce tension, which, in turn, reduces blood pressure. Live jazz has been demonstrated to have a dilating impact on blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, due to how relaxing it is.

Building Connections

No matter if you attend a live performance by yourself or with friends, you still can interact with those who share your taste in music. Eventually, you discover that you and the other listeners have a lot in common through dialogue, forging a connection that you had not previously experienced. You start singing the songs together.

Get to Know the Performers

The performers often become a little closer to the crowd during live, performances, whether they are by well-known musicians or up-and-coming artists, especially during intimate live performances. Nashville bars like The Stage on Broadway typically provide more interesting concerts where the musicians frequently share the inspirations behind certain songs or inquire about listeners’ experiences to elicit feedback before beginning to play. This is something that artists do to really connect with their audience and maintain that connection, particularly for emerging artists.

Feel Good Factor

Simply said, listening to live music makes you feel happy. You can relate your mood, mental health, and emotions through music. Music makes you “feel.” Some songs’ lyrics can transport you to a moment when you were at your happiest.

Perhaps there was a song you particularly adored as a child that was later covered by one of your favorite singers, and you got to see it performed live… that’s bound to evoke a positive emotion. In addition to being happy, you’re also feeling nostalgic because the song brought back memories of your youth. Feelings are positive, inherent to being human, and legitimate. Live music will let you feel everything!

Cultural Experience

Live performances offer more than just a good time. They are a type of cultural experience that can have an impact on concertgoers and the cities they are in. New Orleans would not be what it is today without its vibrant jazz scene. Grunge rock would not exist today without the first garage performances. Can you imagine a world without music? Without the complex live concert culture that gave rise to so many of the genres we know and love, they would never have gained popularity.

Happy Soul

An experience that awakens your senses and opens your mind, ears, and heart is attending a live performance. It is more than just listening to music. Whatever the genre, attending a concert gives you the chance to be in the company of your favorite musicians, which is a truly life-changing experience. Now that you’re witnessing them live, you can still clearly remember listening to their album on your phone or in your car.

The Stage is Nashville’s top bar for live music. The biggest names in country music have visited The Stage and still do with spontaneous appearances. Additionally, you may see some of Nashville’s homegrown artists offer indelible shows. Bring your friends, sip on your favorite beverage, and take in some fantastic live country music. Check out the schedule of performances at The Stage on Broadway! View our whole calendar to view all our live country music events. Contact them and they will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on private parties, performing at The Stage, or general information.