Numerology has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades. It can help you in finding many things about yourself.

Naming people based on numerology new born baby names has become really popular as well since people have started realizing the importance of names in one’s life.

Not only a person’s name but even your business name has the power to impact your business. So, choosing a business name as per numerology is crucial in determining the success of your firm.

Many parents put a lot of thought into naming their child and even consult numerologists like Pooja Jainn of Digits N Destini and name their child as per numerology new born baby names.

Whereas some people do not put much thought while naming their children or business which later affects their life and brings them negative energies.

Thus, it is important to learn how to find numerology number for new born baby or businesses to understand the impact of names in one’s life and the meanings behind those names. 

The Impact of a name on your life

Your name is a reflection of who you are or how people see you. It is the doorway to your inner self. When it comes to choosing a name for their newborn kid, most parents search for names with majesty, elegance, and grace. It all ultimately comes down to the numerology of a person’s name or the business name as per numerology.

Your name has great power according to the top numerologists in India like Pooja Jainn of Digits N Destini. It can determine your energy or vibrations as well as your character. 

Your name is said to have its unique vibrations because of its name number.

In numerology, every letter of your first name, as well as last name, is assigned a number. These numbers from 1-8 in the Chaldean System and 1-9 in the Pythagoras System of Numerology are linked to certain characteristics and traits.

For example, the name number 1 is considered to be a leader, whereas the person with the name number 5 is said to be a simple and loving individual. This number is linked with the quality of intelligence.

 Your name is deeply connected to your life as it is used to calculate three of your important core numbers that say a lot of things about your life like your path in life, the inner calling of your heart, your persona, and many more. This is the main reason why it is important to keep a baby’s name as per the numerology new born baby names.

A name is such an important factor in your life that has the power to help you succeed as well as hold you back from achievements.

Some of the major things a name can reveal about the name bearer are;

  1. A name has the potential to expose information concerning you that you might be unconscious about
  2. Your name can help you find out what you want to do in life.
  3. Your name can be utilized to clear the stumbling blocks in your life’s path.
  4. It’s possible to use it to foresee your future.
  5. It can be utilized to take charge of your own health and well-being.
  6. Your name has the potential to give you perspectives on how to improve your life simpler and happier than ever before.
  7. It can disclose your behavioral traits, capabilities, shortcomings, underlying desires, and abilities.

You can learn how to find numerology number for new born baby or your business and learn about how your name or name number affects your daily life and growth.

Meaning of different letters in your name

You can learn a lot about your life’s meaning or purpose by knowing about the meaning and interpretation of all the letters in your name. There are three letters in your name that especially the initial and last letter of your name. The first vowel in your name has a lot to tell about you too.

Given below are the meaning behind these three letters in your life:


  1. The Cornerstone’s Significance

The initial letter of your name is very important in numerology as it is the cornerstone, and it represents parts of your temperament, manner, and outlook on the world. It reveals how you come to terms with and deal with the adverse situations in life as well as how you conquer those challenges. 

Since this initial letter of your name holds so much significance in determining how you will take your life lessons, it is important to be very careful about choosing it.


  1. The Importance of the Capstone

The capstone of your name is the last letter of your name, and it can disclose a lot about you. This letter elucidates how you approach different assignments and see them through to completion.

The capstone, like the cornerstone, is critical in strengthening your name and deciding your life’s direction.

Similarly, the last letter of your business name is important in determining its success too so you need to choose your business name as per numerology.


  1. The First Vowel’s Meaning

The initial vowel of your initial name has a lot to do with your essential beliefs, goals, and motivations. It is, without a doubt, the doorway to your soul. 

If your name starts with a vowel it would mean that you have the influence of both the vowel’s energy as well as the cornerstone’s vibrations in your life.


 A name is very important in your life and choosing a name as per numerology new born baby names can be very helpful for your children.

In case your name does not match your vibrations and brings you bad luck, you can consult top numerologists in India like Pooja Jainn to help you change your name accordingly.

Or you could learn how to find numerology number for new born baby and check whether your name brings you any luck.