As a business owner with an online store, you have the chance to grow your consumer base exponentially. One way to do so is by going beyond borders and selling your products/services globally. You can do this by simply accepting international payments and offering international commerce. To do so, you have to set up your online business to accept different currencies in WooCommerce.


This article will tell you how you can accept various currencies on your WooCommerce store. While also understanding the benefits and the options available to you after your business has become a multi-currency operation in WooCommerce.


Core WooCommerce Currency Features

WooCommerce is equipped with a built-in payment processing system out of the box. With this, business owners can process payments efficiently via PayPal, bank transfer, Stripe, and cheques. Additionally, it helps make it easy to update products and manage orders.


And there is more; you can also upload as many products as you wish to, along with their pictures. After that, you can easily categorize your products for customer convenience and increase engagement with features such as customer ratings for products and feedback.


Being a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce is certainly SEO-optimized from the get-go. And also supports a variety of other plugins and extensions, allowing your website to expand as much as you would like.


Enabling Multi-Currency Options in WooCommerce

For your online business to function globally, you need to enable the multi-currency option in the WooCommerce plugin for consumers in different countries using different currencies. What this does is, it would display the price of each product in the currency convenient to consumers in other countries.


For example, if you are based out of the U.S. and your prices are currently displayed in dollars, say a customer is familiar with the Euros, they can set their website to show prices in Euros instead and not in the standard USD ($) currency.


This will make your website more consumer-friendly. Customers don’t have to calculate their exchange rates, discounts, taxes, etc. This might lead to abandoned carts and a negative impression/feedback while purchasing from an international eCommerce store. By displaying the products with different currencies and calculated exchange rates, the customer experience is bound to be better, and so are the reviews that follow.


Though there are restrictions to it, with WooCommerce, by default, WooCommerce only allows you to put one base currency at a time for your online business. However, WordPress and WooCommerce are not limiting and can be altered to fulfill your needs.


Benefits of Using Multi-Currency in WooCommerce

Offering multi-currency options for your customers on your WooCommerce store will help enhance the shopping experience for customers globally. International shoppers will feel comfortable browsing through your online store and purchasing products from it without having to indulge in unnecessary Mathematics.



Options Available for Multi-currency

With a multi-currency switcher, the consumers can look at products in different currencies based on their location or preference.


It is also essential to highlight the price formats and make them prominent to avoid confusion between similar currency symbols. For example, the Canadian dollar and the U.S.D currency both use the “$” sign to represent their prices, and this can get confusing as each person would assume it to be their native dollar sign.


Additionally, multi-currency will show your customers the correct exchange rate that keeps up with the changing markets and automatically updates all products with WooCommerce. Thus making your job more convenient.



Use Payment Gateways by Currency or Country

You can also offer payment gateways based on the currency your customers choose or based on the country they’re located in. This will make the experience custom and personalized and add to your advantage.


Customers are familiar with their local payment processors and have absolute faith in them. Offering them to process payments with a local payment gateway makes it easier and more convenient for them to purchase from your WooCommerce store. Additionally, it might also help encourage more people to shop from your WooCommerce store and help in growing your customer base.

Payment gateways can be offered by currency or by country on your eCommerce store using any of these plugins:


  1. Payment Gateway Currency for WooCommerce. A free WordPress plugin allows you to alter currencies for payment gateways. With it, you can convert currencies or restrict currencies easily.


  1. Payment Gateways by Customer Location for WooCommerce. Another free plugin by WordPress lets you restrict payment gateways as per the shopper’s location.


  1. WooCommerce Payment Gateways by Currency. This WordPress plugin allows you to control what payment gateways display on your website using different currencies. You can alter your website to display a default WooCommerce payment gateway with particular money.


  1. WooCommerce Payment Gateways by Country or State. This unique plugin lets you offer different payment methods depending on the customers’ location. You can set a separate payment gateway to operate in other countries.


What Else Can You Do to Accept Multiple Currencies?


Multi-Currency Switcher

With a multi-currency switcher, the consumers can pick the currency of their preference to operate on your website. WooCommerce offers a variety of multi-currency switchers. Here are some of the best options:


  • YayCurrency: It allows customers to choose the currency they would like to see the prices in at their end by adding a currency switcher widget available on product pages.


  • Currency Converter Widget: This plugin allows you to add a currency switcher widget, available in the sidebar for customers to use and view product prices in their preferred currency.


  • Price Based on Country for WooCommerce: This plugin detects the customers’ location and picks the country via geolocation. From here, it goes on to display the specified currency you have selected for that country.


Price Formats

Price formats are different in different countries. Changing the default WooCommerce setting lets you display the correct format for prices used in other currencies as available on your eCommerce store.


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