We all know that the windows 10 mail application is one of the most convenient application to manage the windows programs. You can easily add or remove any email account without gaining the deep tech knowledge. Because windows 10 mail uses the Microsoft exchange servers to communicate with the email service provider.

However, some users might have trouble in adding the gmail account on their windows mail app. If you are also unable to add the google account on windows mail application. do not worry, Here I have a complete guide for you. you can apply it on your device.

How to add Gmail on windows 10 mail app

How to add the windows 10 mail application on your device?

  • Whenever you are unable to access the gmail account, you need to check the internet settings on your computer. most probably, the internet is down or airplane mode is activated during the account setup process. that’s why windows can’t access the gmail account.
  • When Gmail is not working on the windows 10 mail application, you need to check the gmail settings. Most probably, something is wrong with the imap or login password. that’s why windows mail app can’t reach to the gmail. So you need to go to the account settings and update the password.
  • Couple of times, Gmail won’t load on the windows 10 mail app because of the Firewall issues. so you need to delete the firewall rules and then retry to access the mail account.
  • Let’s go to the Windows settings and update the Mail application. along with that, you should also update the windows.
  • If you have tried all these steps but windows 10 mail is still unable to add the gmail account. you need to generate the app password. now try to access the account using this password. It will start working fine for you then.

So these are the steps to fix the Gmail not working problem. in case, if you are dealing with the gmail account. you need to visit Cannot add Gmail account on windows 10 mail app. There you will find the complete guide for your gmail account.