Did you find an empty or dry cartridge? Unsurprisingly, you need to change the ink cartridge with a new one. This guide will explain easy steps on how to change ink in a Canon printer and install the correct cartridge straightaway. You can find these steps helpful for any model (all-in-one inkjet, photo inkjet, laser, laser multifunction) because the fundamentals of changing the ink in all Canon printer models are almost the same. Visit at-   Ij.start.canon

Step 1: Find Your Printer Model and Appropriate Cartridge

You first need to check your specific printer model to put ink in a printer. Begin by discovering the correct model of your printer and then find an appropriate cartridge. Make sure to double-check that the cartridge matches your printer model.

Step 2: Open Your Printer (This step can vary for different printers)

Move ahead by turning your printer on and opening the ink cartridge access door. Please note that you can find it in different locations on different printers. So, the good thing is finding your manual and ensuring which one gives cartridges access. Also, you can go online and search for the digital version of your specific printer model.  Visit at-   ij.start.canon setup

Step 3: Remove Old Cartridges from Your Canon Printer

The next step is to remove old cartridges from your printer. You can take it out by using your thumb and index finger. Once the access door opens, you can remove the cartridge that is out of ink or toner. Unlock the cartridge before you remove it; make sure to open the release button, lever, or clamp. Use these fingers gently to pull old cartridges out of their slot. While removing, make sure you are removing each cartridge one at a time.

Step 4: Insert The New Canon Ink Cartridges

Proceed by removing each cartridge from its packaging. Lay all of them flat on an even surface and pull the plastic tab from each cartridge to expose the nozzles. After doing this, insert each cartridge into its respective slot. (insert the nozzle first and label it up).

NoteThe black ink will go into the right holder, while the color ink will go into the left.

After you close the lid, you’ll see the printer ON light. It can be seen flashing green for a minute.  Visit at-   canon.com/ijsetup

Step 5: Test Your Cartridges

Conducting a test print is quintessential during printer ink cartridge installation. For this, open your desktop, queue up a document, and press “print.” Take a look at the results and check whether the ink is printing the right way or not. If you find ink streaky or smudgy, realign the printer heads. You can reopen your printer and check that the cartridges have been installed correctly.

Changing Remanufactured Canon Cartridge

Though installation in the manufactured cartridge is the same as installing an original Canon, there can be a chance that you encounter inevitable hiccups during the process. If you go for an installation but get an error message, follow these to get back to work. When you see an error message that the recently installed cartridge is low or empty, force your machine to override that error message. Since this message is not valid, you must accept the cartridge the way it is.

●     Remove the cartridge and clean the chip using a lint-free cloth or Q-tip. Chip on an ink cartridge is susceptible, and thus it can produce an error on your printer.

●     Reset your printer. Power down the machine first. And then, make sure to unplug the power cord for at least 15 seconds. And then, plug it in again and turn the printer back on. Wait for some time to let the printer initialize and reinstall the clean cartridge too.

●     If you get an error message even after cleaning the chip and installing the cartridge again, try to override this error message by pressing and holding the Stop/Reset button. Do it for a full 15 seconds.

This full-proof guide helps you learn how to change ink in canon printers for all models. To know more, have a quick walkthrough of our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Question

What is The Purpose of Having 2 Black Cartridges in a Canon Printer?

Two types of black ink are available in Canon printers, dye ink, and pigment ink. The purpose of having dye ink is to print photos, illustrations, and more, whereas pigment ink is responsible for printing text-based documents. Visit at-  canon printer setup

How do you Print in Black and White without Color Ink?

To do so, first, you need to open the printer driver setup window. And In the Page Setup tab, select Print Options, and from the print with drop-down, select color only or black only.

Why is Canon Printer Not Printing Even The Ink is Full?

The printer can fail to print when the ink is full because of the clogged or dried-out printhead. Like most printers, Canon printheads can clog due to ink/dust drying up and collecting in the nozzle.

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