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How to check the hair transplant eligibility?

Listed below are a few of the key elements that explain why patients could be candidates for the hair transplant procedure:

  1. Adequate hair density: Since only your own hair may be used for the transplant, there should be enough of it in certain areas to provide permanent hair roots. You are unquestionably the ideal candidate for a hair transplant if the hair density in the donor location is suitable and could comfortably cover the bald area.
  2. The patient’s health: Certain medical disorders might affect a patient’s ability to recuperate after surgery or deal with hair loss issues. Therefore, if the person experiencing hair loss is generally healthy, the operation may be possible for them.
  3. Hair loss stability: It is reasonable for the hair loss to be steady before doing a hair transplant since the hair loss might develop. You may be a good candidate for hair transplant operations if your hair loss has been steady for longer than three years. However, since hair loss might still occur in regions where there are already hairs, the hair transplant operation does not guarantee against future baldness. The permanent results of a hair transplant are guaranteed, and the transplanted hair grafts will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
  4. Underlying localised pathology: Before arranging for a hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon must be certain that there is no underlying pathology in the scalp skin that might cause the hair transplant to fail. You are undoubtedly the best candidate for the hair transplant operation if your scalp is generally healthy.
  5. Realistic expectations: In order to get good results after a hair transplant, the patient must expect realistic results. After evaluating the entire scalp at the consultation before the procedure, the hair transplant surgeon went over what to expect.

What are the hair transplant techniques to perform the procedure?

The hair transplant is carried out utilising two fundamental current approaches that are different in terms of graft harvesting, and they are described as follows:

  1. FUT or strip procedure for hair transplantation: In the strip approach, a strip of skin is cut from the donor region, delivered to the graft separation chamber, where the individual hair grafts are separated and then transplanted to the appropriate bald spots. The trichophytic closure is used to sew back the donor region, allowing for healing with nearly undetectable scarring.
  2. FUE hair transplant technique: To execute a FUE hair transplant, hair grafts are removed from the donor region and then placed directly into the targeted bald area. In this method, the hair grafts are extracted from the donor region while assuming the position of the hair roots, which increases the risk of injury to the grafts.

Which hair transplant method is suitable for me?

The hair transplant method should be selected depending on a number of circumstances specific to your case. The criteria include the patient’s age, gender, level of baldness, amount of hair transplants needed, donor area hair density, and donor area hair graft quality.

The hair transplant procedure should be carefully chosen based on the patient’s needs. The majority of hair transplant clinics choose the FUE procedure, despite the fact that they claim it is not actually an enhanced or superior approach. Prior to selecting a hair transplant technique, it is important to take into account the particular indications for each hair transplant procedure.

There is no superior procedure for hair transplantation; in fact, FUT provides additional benefits but requires a large infrastructure, more personnel, and more equipment, making it inappropriate for most clinics.

The FUT hair transplant procedure, which has a potential to produce 3000–3500 hair grafts, is often recommended in situations of significant baldness and high density hair transplant. On the other hand, the FUE hair transplant procedure is recommended for facial hair transplant and early balding phases since it is capable of producing a bigger quantity of hair grafts.

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