Folding Chair is one of the necessary items for outdoor camping. As a camping enthusiast, here is a little guide for you to avoid the pitfalls in the selection of outdoor chairs. I hope it will be useful to you.
1. Classification comparison
The chairs for outdoor camping are usually classified according to the following figure. The comparison of core indicators is in the table. Look at the picture first. One picture is worth a thousand words.
Horizontal comparison of various chairs (original picture)
After reading the pictures, let’s talk about the factors that need to be considered for outdoor chairs and the characteristics of each chair.
Of course, there are some other types of folding chairs on the market, but most of them are based on the above five categories.
2. Core reference indicators
(1) Portability. The so-called portability requires light weight and small space after folding. The space of the vehicle is always limited. It’s too heavy to carry. The lightness of the above figure and the size after storage are scored with five stars.
(2) Good looking. Corresponding to the photo production index in the above figure, the Kermit chair does produce films, which is determined by its shape and can make the sitting posture more beautiful.
(3) Comfort and comfort are affected by many factors, such as sitting posture, thigh support, seat width, back height and support strength, hip wrapping, whether there is an arm rest, and material.
(4) Stability. It is generally inversely proportional to the degree of portability. When the materials are basically the same, the more stable the structure is, the heavier it is. The core scene of stability, for example, the chair will not move or deform when sitting and turning to the rear or leaning forward and backward. As for the weight bearing, it is usually enough that the outdoor camping chair can bear more than 100kg.
Kermit Chair, the founder of Kermit Chair, created the first outdoor folding chair to meet the needs of riding motorcycles outdoors, and quickly became the preferred camping piece for BMW motorcyclists. Kermit chair is quite solid in material and mechanical design, and simple in structure. The bottom cloth of the Kermit chair is almost flat. As a result, when you sit straight, your thighs cannot be supported by the chair cloth, and your legs will hang in the air. Unless you stretch out, depending on your body structure, the most comfortable posture for your back is to lean back slightly when your legs stretch out

Advantages: beautiful! It’s beautiful! Moderate comfort, stable, durable

Disadvantages: There are no obvious disadvantages. The main disadvantages are slight weight, low thickness but large width after storage.
The structures of different brands of Kmite chairs are almost identical, that is to say, there will not be too many differences in mechanical mechanisms, but the difference is in the use of materials. The fabric is basically 600D oxford cloth, the frame is aluminum alloy, and the rest is structural connectors, which are usually the bad ones.
The Moon Chair is a leisure chair specially designed for human health according to ergonomics. The shape of this chair is like the moon. People sitting on the Moon Chair feel like sleeping in the gentle embrace of the moon. The moon chair has a large surface, which is very comfortable. When you sit on the chair, you can surround your whole body. It feels like you are hugged by the chair, which is very comfortable and warm.

Advantages: light, portable, comfortable and beautiful.
Disadvantages: There are no obvious shortcomings. It must be said that the structure leads to bearing and stability, and the bearing can be made up by materials.
The name of the sea dog chair is newly raised by the creator. It is recorded that when the creator designed the sea dog chair, because the action of sitting cross legged on the chair was more like a sea dog, it was named as the sea dog chair. The seal chair has a very obvious character: comfortable+bulky, which is not recommended for outdoor use.

Advantages: Comfortable, really comfortable, just as comfortable as the free chair given to grandpa
Disadvantages: bulky, not easy to carry
6. Sketch chair/Mazar
If camping is light, the car is far away from the camp, or if you don’t like to move equipment, you should choose a light and easy to carry one. The sketching chair is the most economical, and even if it is worn out, you won’t feel sorry to throw it away.

Advantages: light and cheap
Disadvantages: poor durability and general comfort.
The easily damaged parts are the back of the chair and the connection between the chair surface and the legs. It is not a problem to use the chair lightly. Pay attention to the screws that are used. The screws are fixed on the aluminum alloy tubes. The screws are easy to loosen after a long time. This is not a problem for a certain brand. All brands of sketching chairs do this. After all, it’s cheap. It doesn’t matter.
The butterfly chair is named because of its butterfly like support frame. The reason most people like it is because of its comfortable sitting posture. The full wrapping makes the waist more comfortable and perfectly fits the needs of sitting for a long time without fatigue. The model with high back can also provide a good support for the head. However, it must be said that no chair is perfect, and this chair also has the disadvantage of being bulky, and most butterfly chairs are wooden, which is more bulky.

The butterfly chair has the same characteristics as the seal chair, which is comfortable and bulky, but I personally do not recommend the butterfly chair at all. The reason is that the structure of the butterfly chair leads to the full back chair cloth supporting the buttocks after sitting down, while the chair cloth and the bracket are split. Occasionally, when standing up, the chair cloth will fall off together.

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