The average lifespan of an iPhone is somewhere between two to five years. Do you also want your iPhone to last long? Well, it can, with proper care and attention. If you start treating your iPhone like a baby, you might exceed the average time! 

Iphones are one of the most durable phones, and their durability has already been tested. 

Here are some ways that can help ensure a long-lasting iPhone that you can do at home:

Delete excessive files

If you have a swarm of heavy files loaded on your iPhone, you should delete those because, in the long run, these files affect the storage and overall functioning of the phone.

These files will slow down your iPhone’s performance and affect its internal functioning. Delete any unnecessary documents and files regularly, and you’ll be good to go.

Remember the phone case.

Have you dropped your iPhone face-up on the rough pavement? Are you scared to turn it around and see several cracks and indentations? In such a case, a phone cover is a lifesaver or a money saver! 

Using a good quality protective case can prevent being one of the unlucky ones who decided against using a phone case and eventually got their phones banged up. There’s nothing to lose in such a case. 

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The screen protector is a must.

Like a phone case, a screen protector prevents the screen from scratching and cracking. They also help prevent your iPhone from becoming an incubation site for germs and bacteria.

Screen protectors also provide added protection to your phone. So, even if your phone falls face down this time, you can still have a way to protect its screen from breaking up. 

It’s a wise choice to use screen protectors, considering an iPhone’s expensive screen replacement cost. 

Keep the screen clean.

Your phone screen gets extremely dirty after a whole day of use without cleaning it. It is also disgusting how often you bring the same phone close to your mouth. 

Fortunately, there are ways to clean your iPhone and make it sanitary.

Apple suggests using a lint-free cloth dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol as it helps kills 90% of the germs and bacteria and thoroughly sanitizes your phone.

Delete unused apps 

If you want your iPhone to last long, you will have to finally let go of the unused apps that are not in your use anymore. 

You might have to let go of the study app you downloaded three years ago and still haven’t used because if you haven’t used it for this long, chances are you won’t use it ahead as well. 

Final word

After reading this article, we’re sure you’ll develop a basic know-how on making your iPhone durable and sturdier by implementing a few simple steps at home.

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