Irrespective of how experienced you are in the industry, finding and selecting the correct concrete cup wheel for your project is never easy. This is mainly because of the several applications a diamond cup wheel can help with. You can pair it with the right diamond saw blades to cut hard surfaces like concrete, marble, granite, and even stone.

In addition, it also helps remove coating or paint from a surface and aid in simple cleaning, shaping, and polishing for concrete. This same property also makes them one of the most essential pieces of equipment. Nevertheless, how successful your project is, depends on the quality and equipment you choose.

For instance, with the right equipment, you can save time, money, and effort, also enhancing productivity. But with the wrong cup wheel, you will never be able to achieve your desired result.

If you are already planning to get a diamond cup wheel but do not know how to go about the purchasing process, this article can be a lot of help. Here you will learn about a couple of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing a diamond cup wheel.

  • Choose From The Right Category:

A diamond cup often has different specifications, which means there are different variants you will find in the market. It is very important that you choose the right kind of cup wheel to ensure the right application.

What you are going to use it for can influence this decision quite a bit. For instance, if you are working with heavy loads, like grinding stone or concrete, you will need a cup wheel with a significant diamond segment.

On the contrary, a small diamond segment perfectly fits lighter works, like the removal of paints, glue, or surface coatings. Determining the purpose of the use is very important before you go ahead.

  • Realize How Hard The Surfaces Are:

There are mainly two phases of diamond cup wheels you can find, based on the hardness of the material you are using it on. The first phase is for coarse grinding. Here, there are high chances for the diamond to become blunt. This happens because of the hard surfaces you are using it on.

Hence, using a high diamond highness with a soft diamond bond with a diamond grit of 35-50 is perfect for this phase. The second phase involves polishing and grinding. This phase requires a harder bond since it needs utter precision.

Nevertheless, a soft diamond will also suffice for the job since it does not disintegrate easily. The concentration needs to be high for this stage, with the diamond grit between 80 and 120.

While these two tips can help a lot, there are many other things you need to keep in mind. For instance, recognizing what abrasive components you need or the different shapes can help. However, if you have already made your decision and looking for the best quality cup wheels, look no further than U.S. Saws. They have great reviews in the market.