If your seatbelt buckle has broken, you should be able to fix it yourself with some basic tools. First, you will need to remove the seat from the car. You can do this by unscrewing the buckle arm on the side of the seat. You will then need a flat object that can be used to clean the buckle arm.

Can you fix a broken seat belt?

If you’re unsure of the repair procedure, you should consider contacting a professional to fix the buckle for you. This is a safe, but not legal, option. If you’re unable to find someone in your area, you can mail the part in to MyAirbags. They will repair the seat belt within 24 hours and send it back to you.

Once you’ve located the seatbelt buckle, the next step is to remove the cover. Sometimes, the buckle has a blockage, which you can remove by using a butter knife. You can also unscrew the buckle by gently pushing on it. This will free the buckle and get it working again.

Once you’ve removed the broken seat belt buckle, you can clean the mechanism by prying the female connector open. Make sure there is no slack in the belt when cleaning. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the belt and make sure that it is free from debris.