WiFi calling, may be new to everyone. It is the new technology of making calls over WiFi network rather than using a cellular network. You need not any network signal in order to make voice and video calls on your smartphone (WiFi Calling Supported). This technology is quite useful if you are in a are where there is very poor signal on your cellular connection, and if there is any WiFi connection available, you can continue high quality video and voice calls. No any additional cost is required to make this high quality video and voice calls on your device with WiFi network.

Who can make wifi calls?

All those people using WiFi calling supported smartphone and using supported SIM can be able to make wifi calling free of cost. So while you are now planning to purchase a smartphone, then you need to check one more thing whether the smartphone is supporting wifi calling. To enable wifi calling on your device, you need to activate WiFi calling features on settings section. There are so many smartphone brands in android and iOS supports wifi calling, just check yours and enjoy free wifi calling.

WiFi Calling In India – Reliance JioCalls

In India, Reliance Jio and Airtel already have launched their wifi calling features supported SIM. The users can make wifi calling. Using JioCall apk installed on android smartphone, normal voice call can be converted to Wifi calling on Jio. Airtel also have tested successfully the wifi calling features with their SIM and network.

Experiencing Poor Quality on WiFi Calling?

Depending on the wifi signal quality, there may be subsequent ups and down in the call quality of WiFi calling takes place. You need to get super strong wifi signal in full to get high quality voice and video wifi calling service. Here are the some of the solutions to get high quality wifi calling on your device.

Solutions To Get HIgh Quality Video and Voice WiFi Calls

Check settings:- Firts you need to check the WiFi calling settings on your device that must be turned On in order to enable WiFi calling on your device. All the smartphones are not supported, there are some models of some brands that is featured with wifi calling.

Make WiFi Priority:- If you are trying to make calls over WiFi, and there is some signal of mobile network. Then the device will make priority to make calls over the mobile network. If you want to make calls via wifi, then turn on airplane mod and turn on WiFi to make pure wifi calling on your device.

Set Emergency Address:- make sure that you have set an emergency address on settings to make wifi calling on your device. This is a physical location address from your address to verify the user and the device.

Make use of Modems:- Use wifi modems rather than wifi enabled smartphones to get surrounded with WiFi network. This is the simple hack. There may be a low signal connection when you are using a wifi on mobile devices. while you are using a modem that is exclusively to propogate wifi signal, then that will be fine.

For example, There are small wifi devices like JioFi local, where you will get wifi from the device. That will be strong signal from the device, so the possibility of getting crystal clear video and voice call is higher.

Minimal Device connect:- While making maximum device connected on the wifi network, the signal quality available to each device will be divided, so make minimum devices connected to the wifi network to get maximum advantage of wfi calling.

Force stop the wifi using apps on your device:- There are many apps that are installed on your device that use wifi when get in to the wifi surroundings. so make all those apps force stop and then connect WiFi calling feature to get high quality wifi calls on your smartphone.

Get best streaming on smart TVs

You can enjoy the media streaming on your smart TVs, Bluetooth built-in smart TVs, TV to smart TV converted devices using the improved WiFi quality. If you want to stream the content from the internet, you definitely need a high quality WiFi network in order to avoid buffering issues. So, by improving the WiFi, you can simply get HD streaming without any buffering issues.


Here we are going to make the conclusion of this post. Obviously, WiFi calling is better option and is the future of voice and video calling. Making high quality calls without any extra cost is the main advantage of wifi calling. There is only a little data needed to make this kind of calls on your smartphone. So make awareness on wifi calls and start using this features whenever possible to enjoy high quality video and voice calls.