Do you want to use the best triple screen monitor for laptop instead of two for managing multiple tasks or gaming in Windows? You have come to the right place. This guide will assist you in configuring three monitors on a single computer. But before that, here is the Calculator for Measuring the desired percentage.

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 How do you configure three monitors in Windows?

Working on three monitors can come in handy when you have a lot of information to process. So, we’re going to demonstrate to you how to do it. Remember that having three monitors does not guarantee to see the same thing on all three. It means you’re extending the windows pc across all three screens so you can work on them simultaneously.

 Check to see if your system allows triple monitors:

Many pcs do not support triple monitors; in particular, older or low-cost models do not detect triple monitors. Examine its video ports to see if yours does or does not.

To run triple monitors, you’ll need at least three video connections to be active simultaneously. The video ports are located at the back of the CPU; from here, count the number of ports and types.


Do you want to use integrated graphics as well as a graphics card?

If you intend to use both integrated graphics and a graphics card, you must first determine whether there are two groups of video ports. Be clear if there are. Though both integrated graphics and graphics cards can power monitors, things will slow down, particularly when switching between screens.

As a result, we recommend using only a graphics card. As graphics cards become more responsive, they provide higher resolution and quality. If you want to use both integrated graphics and the graphics card, you must enable the integrated graphics card in BIOS. Configure > Video > Integrated graphics device > Always enable. The menu alternatives may vary.


Some graphics cards and motherboards do not support using all ports at the same time:

Not all of the ports users see can be used simultaneously. As a result, consult the graphics card manual to determine how many ports you can use. If that isn’t an option, do a Google search to see how many ports are available.

You can accomplish this even if your computer lacks the necessary video connections.


Examine the cables:

First, ensure that you have enough video ports to support three monitors. It aids in ensuring that you possess all of the connections required to connect everything. To connect three displays, you’ll need two HDMI cables and one DisplayPort cable if your desktop has two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort.

Examine the ports on your displays next. Don’t be alarmed if the terminals on your displays don’t match those on your device. Get a dongle or an adapter cord.


Update your graphics and monitor drivers:

To ensure that your triple monitor configuration works properly and without issues, keep the monitor and graphics drivers up to date.


  • Method 1: Download and install drivers manually. You can manually download and install the most recent graphics card and display drivers by going to the manufacturers’ websites, locating the appropriate drivers for your device models and Windows edition, and then manually downloading and setting them up.
  • Method 2: Downloading and installing automatic drivers can help you out. Assume you need more time or technical skills to update your displays and graphics card drivers manually. In that case, Advanced Driver Updater can do it in seconds. Advanced Driver Updater will recognize your device and locate the necessary drivers. It is optional to understand what OS you’re using. You also don’t have to risk downloading and configuring the wrong driver.


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