If you want an astronaut costume, you can buy it or make it. This is a perfect costume for Halloween. If your kid loves all things space, they are going to love it when you make an adorable costume and dress up like an astronaut. It is out of this world and amazing.

Imaginative play

No kid doesn’t dream about being an astronaut at some point. This is a very easy DIY costume idea and is fun and simple to make the dream of your child a reality. There is magic in imaginative play and seeing your children excited about dressing up is one of the most fulfilling moments in life. Even though it is a great Halloween idea, this would be perfect for a simple dress up for a home outfit. Here are some tips for making a great DIY astronaut costume.

Reuse and recycle

If you want to save on the costs of supplies, you can use what you already have. A plain t-shirt that you do not mind dedicating to your costume is perfect to use. You should check your supply cabinet to see if you have pieces and bits of felt that can be used. This will save you from buying a new pack.

Consider space-themed patches

Space theme patches are loved by a lot of children because they make the costume look official. You could also save on the costs of buying costumes online by printing official images downloaded online and gluing them to the costume.

Fabric glue

When we talk about gluing, you do not just use any glue you find. Make sure you use strong fabric glue so that your details can stay in place even after washing. The activities should be supervised by an adult to avoid having the glue misused by children. Remember kids can even eat the glue if left unsupervised.


For the astronaut outfit, you should start by cutting a piece of felt into strips. Four short strips and two long strips. Then use the fabric blue that you bought to secure the long strips on all sides of the front of the shirt. Remember you need to use glue designed for fabric.

Then you will need to glue the short strips around the cuffs of the pants and shirt. Now cut a black piece of felt and glue several pieces together to form a belt around the bottom of your shirt. Secure it with glue accordingly.

The next step is to get some NASA themed patches and glue them on the shirt sleeves, center of the belt and chest. Spray paint large plastic water bottles for rockets. On yellow and red felt, create a fire shape. Cut it out accordingly. Now glue the yellow fire pattern in the red fire pattern and repeat for each of the bottles and glue it inside the bottle lid.

Now cut black felt strips for straps and measure enough to fit like a backpack. You will have your astronaut costume if you go through all the steps illustrated above.