Since the current society still considers personality and appearance when making personal or professional decisions, female hair loss would be considerably more difficult than it is for men.

Women are currently on an equal footing with men in every way thanks to the empowerment, which has undoubtedly brought about some improvements. The prevalence of hair loss in women has significantly increased as a result of lifestyle and environmental changes that also impact females. The absolute reasons are still persistent but the contributory elements are adding to the growing incidence of the hair loss in the contemporary era in females. Advancements in science have produced revolutionary changes in the realm of medicine and currently lot many provisions are available to treat the diseases which couldn’t be treated before.

Due to revolutionary advancements in the cosmetic sector, these treatments have become extremely popular. Owing to increased aesthetic awareness among the populace and the accessibility of these operations in the present due to a saturated market, the cosmetic business, which was previously solely embraced by high profile patients and celebrities, is now well-liked by regular people as well. Hair loss issue may also be cured by the most effective treatment option named “hair transplant” which is a restorative approach to cure the baldness.

Let’s examine that how much capable the hair restoration method in overcoming the hereditary pattern baldness in females.

Female hair loss: all about genetic pattern baldness

In females, hair loss is frequently brought on by hereditary factors, hormonal influences, systemic disorders, trauma, or continual tugging of the hair, typically due to routine style. Androgenic alopecia, another name for genetically predisposed baldness in women, is brought on by genetic malfunction that causes the hair follicles to be too sensitive. These oversensitive hair follicles endure thinning and shrinkage in the impact of androgens ultimately leading to hair loss. The progressive hair loss in females shows a distinct pattern than that of males as in females growing baldness is uncommon. The pattern of hair loss in females is depicted as the centre thinning followed by broadening of the partition leading to rise in the hair thinning area.

Thus, the presentation of the hair loss in males and females are diverse but line of therapy is typically the same in both the gender.

Options to treat female pattern baldness

Most females try to self-treat the condition with homemade cures or cosmetic goods since they do not see hair loss as a bald region. However, irreversible hair loss typically does not stop and continues to worsen.

Most women initially look forward to temporary assistance like wigs and synthetic hairs, but they are surely difficult to maintain and replace since they require continual upkeep. If you get good quality ones that seem very natural, these aids will cost quite a bit as well.

Medications have been considered a good option for females like minoxidil and finasteride. These drugs delay the process of hair loss and boosts the rate of hair growth. But initially finasteride is not suggested in women of child bearing age and the benefits you acquire can be transient so the use appears iffy.

Hair transplant is allegedly a safe and extremely effective approach to treat your hair loss permanently. But the beneficial consequences are linked to the appropriate choice of your hair transplant surgeon since success rests in the experience and talents of the hair transplant surgeon.

Dr Suneet Soni: the head of Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer in doing female hair transplant and has experience of more than 5000 hair transplant cases. He is renowned across the world for his exceptional hair transplant experience and talents. His expertise is his creative vision to create hairline for which he is called as “master of artistic skills” by many bollywood superstars.

Female hair transplant: Is it worth it?

A female hair transplant is unquestionably worth your time and money because it is a one-time investment that may provide you confidence and happiness for the rest of your life.

Female hair transplant is a somewhat hard and tough surgery which takes immaculate competence of the hair transplant surgeon. No shave technique is applied in females for which the hair transplant surgeon has to make tiny slits at the recipient area. The existing neighbouring hairs are extremely prone to destruction, hence extreme caution should be given when transplanting the hair transplants at the bald location.

FUT hair transplant technology is chosen as female hair transplant normally need larger number of hair grafts when compared to male hair transplant, Including, no shave approach is available with FUT hair transplant procedure.

Female hair transplant in Jaipur has attracted a lot of interest as the surgery is readily available in the city. But for the best female hair transplant, Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the most favored one.

Is female hair transplant effective?

Female hair transplant is unquestionably the most effective option for hair loss issue. Compared to the various treatment procedures listed above, this process offers a number of advantages, which are stated as follows:

  1. The results produced are permanent as only the DHT resistant hair follicles are implanted at the bald region which stay for life time.
  2. The hair transplant outcomes appears perfectly natural when conducted by a hair transplant surgeon with creative head and artistic sense.
  1. The hair transplant operations are stress free since no long term maintenance and care is required to grow the transplanted hairs.
  2. The hair transplant surgery is absolutely painless and leaves nearly imperceptible scars.

Therefore, Dr. Suneet Soni is among the best in the nation for female hair transplant if you’re seeking for the ideal hair transplant surgeon for your procedure.