In this blog I’m sharing the strategy, sources and all the necessary information that you need to know. We will give you a brief knowledge about what are the important things that need to be prepared for this exam. Firstly we need to have a brief overview of how this exam is conducted. Exam is basically divided in three phases. Jokta academy is the Best HPAS/HAS Coaching Institute in Shimla.

1. Starting with prelims there are total of hundred questions that needs to be done. You have to solve all the previous year question papers to have a better score and to know what is important. Always try to limit your sources and stick to one with multiple revisions. Avoid having many sources and don’t divert your mind, otherwise at the end you’ll end up not remembering even a single properly. For HAS exam our Jokta academy book is very good to study. Even rankers also recommend our study materials.


2. For mains you should have a brief framework of what kind of material you need to write. Your grammar should be on point. For essays you have to use good words and a static material with quotes added in it. Our Jokta academy will help you practicing it with a brief analysis. To write mains paper efficiently you should have a data prepared. Here your approach should always be optimistic and conclusion should be made with a problem solving attitude.


3. For interviews just prepare well with current affairs and revise everything thoroughly that you have studied earlier. Our Jokta academy will prepare you well with our mock interviews. We will provide you a guided Strategy from starting to the end till you’ll clear your exam. We’ll prepare you hard to crack any exam with the best ranks that you are longing for.