To remove ants, you’ll need to break the bug off its leg with a pest removal tool. Use a pot or pan filled with water and pour the Pest Control Werribee into it. Start by using a squirt bottle or other object to squirt a stream of water at the ant, television remote control, computer keyboard, or other susceptible item. Keep moving the item around until the bugs are broken off their leg. How to Remove Mosquitoes. To remove mosquitoes, you’ll need to use an insecticidal soap and water solution. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of soap and water solution into a spray bottle and shake well before adding an object like a door knob or nail. Aim the sprayer at the mosquito and hold it against their body for about 30 seconds until they stop biting. How to Remove Flies. To remove flies, you’ll need some kind of fly trap: A small container that can hold food like rice or peas; Place the food in the top of the trap; Cover with plastic wrap or foil; set on your windowsill overnight; In the morning, take off the cover and enjoy your delicious meal! How to Remove Rodents. To remove rodents, you’ll need an exterminator: An exterminator uses traps (like those pictured here) that catch rodents by capture them in their tracks as they try to leave their home through an opening – this is usually on high shelves near where they live .They then place these traps outside so that when they come back inside, there are already rodents inside which will be killed by being injected with poison ivy extract (or another kind of poison). How to Remove Cats. To remove cats, you’ll need to use a cat pheromone trap. Place the trap near where the cat is hiding, and release the pheromone at least once a day. The cat will start to sense the bait and will come out to pee or eat.