No one ever wants to think about the possibility of an active shooter in their vicinity. However, it is important to be prepared for such a situation, as it can happen anywhere and at any time. In recent times many workplaces have introduced online active shooter response training to help individuals dealing with emergencies or active shooter incidents.

In this article, we will explore what to do if you find yourself in the vicinity of an active shooter. From staying calm to finding a safe place to hide, we will cover everything you need to know to stay safe during an active shooter situation.

Evacuate the place

If an active shooter is in your vicinity, you should evacuate the area immediately. If it is not safe to evacuate, find a place to hide where the shooter is less likely to find you. If you are unable to hide, as a last resort, you may need to fight the shooter.

Hide safely

When an active shooter is in your vicinity, it is important to take immediate action to hide safely. This means finding a place where the shooter cannot see you and remaining quiet. If possible, lock the door to your hiding place.

Confront the active shooter

If you are unable to hide, or if the shooter enters your hiding place, try to negotiate with them. Remember that their goal is to kill as many people as possible, so remain calm and be ready to act quickly. Once the opportunity presents itself, attempt to escape and call 911. Furthermore, you can join online active shooter training courses to fight with an active shooter.

Additional tips

Active shooters typically act alone.  If you are in the vicinity of an active shooter, the first thing you should do is to take cover away from the shooter and out of the line of fire. You should then dial 911 or inform someone else who can call 911. From this point, there are two ways to deal with the shooter, depending on whether you are armed or not and whether you can get away from the shooter.

If you can’t get away and are unarmed, you should try and find a way to hide and avoid his attention. If you can get away, you should flee and not wait around to help others. However, if possible, you must help others. Ultimately, each person has to decide what is best for them, and if you feel like helping others is a priority, you must focus on that.


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