Summary: High-quality belts come in various sizes and designs, and these different choices can confuse you about where to start. So if you need a little hand, read on and get simple but effective tips about picking the perfect belt.

What are Championship belts and titles? Why are people willing to work so hard for years to earn one? Why are others willing to pay thousands of dollars to be guaranteed one? Why do so many quit soon after receiving this rank? I asked the first question when I started our Advanced Rank class at the new Centennial School, and it is asked frequently in the sphere of martial arts.

Championship belts and titles for non-martial artists have also come to symbolize excellence or expertise in martial arts. Unfortunately, in this time of “Championship belts and titles Factories,” the Championship belts and titles have become a commodity to be purchased and guaranteed by contract.

Investing in a Top Quality Championship Belts

Belts owners should determine what type of belt they use. Different cars may use differently sized belts. Therefore, belt compatibility can be an issue, and engine problems may result from the wrong belts. To avoid purchasing the inappropriate belt, you should check manufacturer guidelines to know the type and size of belt that is compatible with your car engine. It will save you from the inconvenience of coming up with the wrong types of belts, which are a waste of cash. So, before making a purchase, know what should be purchased.

Determining the Ideal Brand

It is difficult to recommend a brand for a few reasons. One is that some brands work best for specific belts, although other brands generally have better reviews. It is advisable to check out online testimonials regarding each brand. Many previous buyers can recommend particular brands that last long based on their experience.

Brand Excellency belts

Installing the belts requires special tools and expertise. Usually, only a professional can and should install them. Inexperienced people may be able to install the belts though the right tension may not be achieved, and the belts may slip at any time. Instead of doing a haphazard job, it is probably best to bring it to the repair station to guarantee proper installation. The belts are brought back to the repair station if problems arise again from faulty belts.

Regular Check-up of belts

Belts deteriorate with time. So, their condition should be monitored from time to time. The car owner himself can do maintenance checking. The ideal time to check for belt deterioration is during change. Regular checking should preclude future problems arising from troublesome, worn-out belts. Deteriorated belts issue several warning signals, one of which is terrible noise, as mentioned earlier. The engine should check to identify the source of the noise. In some cases, the noise may not be due to problematic belts.

When to Replace Belts

Belts should be replaced after deterioration is detected. Damaged ribs or cords can be seen even without close inspection. On the other hand Championship belt thoroughly using a flashlight. The most common sign of deterioration is cracking of ribs. At this stage, the belt should be replaced. If problems still arise after the belt is replaced, it is best to have professionals look at your automobile.

Choosing suitable belts

Material is also an important aspect when you are choosing a championship belt. Most men’s belts are made from leather. Leather belts look elegant and chic. Championship belts and titles are usually made of high-quality leather but are expensive. So, if you buy a leather waistband, make sure you choose a quality leather belt because inferior leather belts are easily broken.

I find an easy way to distinguish suitable leather belts from inferior ones. Use your fingernail to scratch the leather, and see if the scratch can recover. If the scratch recovers quickly, the leather is of high quality. On the contrary, if the scratch can’t recover, the leather belt would be made from inferior leather.

Mind the belt width

Wrestling belts come in hundreds of different widths. Some pieces are as thick as your entire mid-section, while there are also belts just a few centimeters in width. Regarding belt width, consider comfort and, of course, the kind of outfit you will be using. Wide belts are a no-no because they will not fit into the belt supporters in your jeans.

Know the belt’s function

As mentioned earlier, belts now function for both support and as an accessory. Wider belts are great to use in dresses for accentuating the curve of your body. Thinner belts are great as accessories as well but will not do that much help in keeping those baggy pants in place. So if you are looking for support, you might as well use the regular-sized high-quality belts instead.

Determine the belt color you want

Belts now come in huge varieties of colors and even prints. The best way to choose would be to think of the clothes you will use the belt with. Of course, you can never do away with suitable old black or brown leather belts that will always work anytime. But for the fancier or flashier colors, ensure that the hue will pair well with the outfits you will be wearing. If still undecided, pick a belt colour similar to your shoe colour. It is always a good colour compliment that can tie everything together.

The golden rule here is to use simple and plain buckles for the more formal dresses and attires and the fancier or bulkier buckles for casual attires and party dresses. Some buckle designs also come with embellishments and studs, which you can pair. So the next time you go belt shopping, keep these tips in mind. With these time-tested secrets, you will never go wrong in belt shopping.