One of the well-liked network emulators used in network configuration labs is EVE-NG. It is well-liked because EVE-NG allows you to use actual images of network devices from various vendors. You can employ devices like Palo, Juniper, Cisco, Huawei, and Cisco switches, among others. Utilizing genuine device images gives you the impression that you are configuring actual network devices, giving you practical experience utilizing actual network hardware.

How then do we utilize EVE-NG on our PC?

Eve ng network configuration installation instructions for VMware Workstation Player 16 It’s quite simple to download and install EVE-NG. Following the steps is very important as you will be able to use a fantastic emulator program on your personal computer. Begin by downloading and installing VMware Workstation before downloading EVE-NG.

We require a virtualization platform in order to run EVE-NG on our PC. We may utilize EVE-NG on our PC and one of the virtualization systems. Therefore, the fortigate image for gns3 should be downloaded and installed before EVE-NG

We must first get version 16 of Workstation Player. Depending on your operating system, you can get the installation file. Installing merely requires you to click the next button in most cases. There is no special setting required for this basic application installation.

Download EVE-NG

  • The EVE-NG download page offers a variety of options. Which are:
  • Free EVE Community Edition, EVE-NG Professional Edition
  • We will be using the Free EVE Community Edition version here. This version is free to use. A license is required for EVE-NG Professional and Learning Center.

Under Free EVE Community Edition, there are other options. Instead of choosing ISO files, we will use OVF files. OVF files are already prepared for virtualization, thus detailed configuration is not necessary. One of the file mirrors is your choice and you can use it.