People currently prefer to shop on digital platforms rather than going to physical businesses. The use of online platforms in everyday life is growing, especially in the midst of the present pandemic catastrophe. This refers to the various internet platforms or channels that you use to market your items and create marketing content. Digital marketing is currently one of the most popular courses in the country. A big number of professionals and students are interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing because every firm nowadays need a digital marketing team, and new job possibilities in the digital marketing field are created on a daily basis. Hyderabad, India, has become a well-known digital hub by providing job chances for those seeking employment.

The majority of digital marketing colleges provide courses that cover all facets of the profession. Those interested can also select courses based on durations, modules, time and cost, and training styles.

Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing in Hyderabad is the first digital marketing institute in the city that guarantees its students a job when they complete the course. Both classroom and online training are available through Academy Of Digital Marketing.

The course is organized into eight core modules and twelve specialty modules, for a total of twenty-four hours of instruction 150 hours of practical training, and six live capstone projects. The training is intended for serious individuals who aspire to be among the top 1% of digital marketers. The course will prepare you to pass all industry certifications from Google, Hubspot, Microsoft, and others; students will pass a total of 15+ globally recognized certifications. The goal of this course is to help you become a well-paid digital marketing expert.

After successfully completing the course, Academy Of Digital Marketing in Hyderabad is the only digital marketing training college that provides 100% job assistance to its students. Classroom and online training are available through Academy Of Digital Marketing.

The course is divided into eight core modules and twelve specialist modules, with over 150 hours of hands-on training and six live capstone projects. The training is for people who are serious about digital marketing and want to be in the top 1%. The course will prepare you to pass all industry certifications, including those from Google, Hubspot, Microsoft, and others. Students will complete a total of 15+ globally recognized certifications. The training is meant to prepare you to work as a high-paid digital marketer.

Digital Nest

Digital Nest is a Google-certified and award-winning digital marketing firm and training school in Hyderabad that provides sophisticated digital marketing courses.

In terms of addressing the demands of students, digital marketing specialists, marketers, and freelancers, the school, which was created in 2011, is the best institution for digital marketing courses.

You can learn, explore, and improve your talents at this university. The specialist internet marketing institute offers economical training sessions.

There are both classroom and virtual training options. As a result, the institution has garnered significant respect in Hyderabad over the years. Its huge success is due to its capacity to work on a flexible schedule and give service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ace Web Academy

The Ace Web Academy, a digital marketing institute based in Hyderabad, not only helps you learn difficult skills, but it also prepares you for profitable work.

In every way, the group of specialists who are training here is exceptional. The instructors teach a number of web-based and technology-driven disciplines in the classroom.

The approved digital marketing course will be extremely beneficial to students. Projects, assignments, and real-time projects make up the framework here.

The institution has gained international acclaim over the years. The institute’s success may be shown in the fact that it has a 100% placement rate.


In Hyderabad, Lemonoids offers sophisticated digital marketing training. They collaborate with Google to deliver their courses.

They offer high-quality classroom and online training. You will be able to grasp all aspects of digital marketing after completing this course. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the course. In the corporate world, the Lemonoids certification is extremely valuable.

A group of highly educated and skilled young professionals leads the team. They feature all of the key 15+ digital marketing courses that will teach you everything you need to know about this platform. Students receive complete placement assistance from the team.

Digital Floats

In Hyderabad, Digital Floats is a well-known institution that teaches Digital Marketing and a variety of other courses. Students receive the most up-to-date material from a well-trained team with more than 10 years of professional expertise. They have perfected their craft over the course of their 12 years of experience.

The institution focuses on the Digital Marketing Platform’s major 40+ modules.

They offer comprehensive placement assistance as well as lifetime access. As a result, the students will become experts in this field.

Lifetime Access and 100% Placement Assistance are more than enough to convert you into a skilled, educated Digital Marketer.

Digital Vidya

This school, which was formed in 2009, can help you improve your digital marketing talents in the future.

This course covers one of the most effective and complete approaches to digital marketing.

The course is fascinating because of the practical programs, which encompass more than 140 hours of labor. Students are taught using case studies, and 100% placement assistance is provided.

The training is open to professionals, digital marketing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and students.

The courses are delivered in a classroom format to assist you in establishing a successful career in this field.

Digital Brolly

Digital Brolly is a reputable learning institution that offers digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. It is primarily focused on digital marketing and sales training. The institute’s teacher and a founder both have prior digital marketing experience and hence provide good teaching.

Digital brolly uses a representational teaching method to help students gain a better knowledge of digital marketing topics, polish their skills, modify their attitudes, and learn more material in order to improve their overall performance. Students also have access to outstanding infrastructure intellectual tools that help them focus on the class and understand the material more effectively.

Digi Crag

The Digital Marketing Course at this Academy will teach you how to become an excellent digital marketer who can strategize and design effective digital marketing strategies for organizations.

This course is taught by experienced Digital Marketing experts who are currently engaged in the field and have substantial experience engaging in successful Digital Marketing initiatives.

You can attend one of two types of seminars: weekday or weekend, and you’ll learn about the most recent case studies as well as study guides. You can attend a demo class before enrolling in the course.

You can attend a demo class before enrolling in the course.

Digital Marketing Trainer

In Hyderabad, Digital Marketing Trainer (DMT) is a well-known digital marketing training institute. DMT’s courses are created by digital marketing experts who keep up with the latest advances in the field.

The founder conducted over 200 practical sessions and trained over 5000 students from various batches with the help of these teachers. A few hand-picked start-up ideas will receive free digital marketing assistance. They recently finished their 300th batch.

There are no restrictions on who can take the courses offered by Digital Marketing Trainer (DMT). Anyone interested in learning about digital marketing or who has a pressing need to do so can enrol in any of our courses.Every student at this institution can receive instruction in the topic of their choice from a vast selection of courses. These accessible courses are designed for students, working professionals, and IT professionals who want to broaden their knowledge and advance their careers.

They will assist students with their placements after the course is over.

Web Training Academy

Web Training Academy is one of Hyderabad’s top digital marketing schools. The class is available both online and in-person at the university. Students can choose a course that meets their needs. Since 2007, they’ve been delivering digital marketing training.

This institute’s lecturers all have more than 12 years of experience as professionals in the field of digital marketing. They also have a track record of over 4000 successful placements in 500 batches.

Students can practice any activity while studying it in the Web Training Academy digital marketing course, which is created with theoretical and practical sessions. Students can learn every subject in-depth and apply what they’ve learned in practical assignments to their projects. The techniques provided in the course will be used for your own business or in a client’s business to increase traffic and sales.

Over 30 distinct digital marketing modules are in collaboration with them. They also provide over ten certifications, including Google and HubSpot.

All students who complete the course successfully receive 100 percent placement assistance from the institution.


Digital marketing is a large and rapidly expanding industry that has been around for more than a decade. Digital marketing may not be as difficult as you believe, and online courses should be considered.

Especially now when there is a pandemic, you can enrol in an offline or online marketing course. If you’re looking for the best Digital Marketing training institutions in Hyderabad, the top Digital Marketing Courses Hyderabad listed above are the greatest options.