The corporate legal department must track all legal requests from business units and clients to provide legal advice.  Matters must be created for some requests and attorneys must be assigned as per the practice area.  ContractPrime in-house matter management software offers collaborative case management platform for general counsel and external counterparties to track and monitor all the legal requests.

Enterprise Collaboration Platform
External law firms can be invited to select matters to offer legal service.  Legal ops software must track the expertise of the partner law firms, timekeepers and the agreed billing rates by location.  Documents need not be sent through email but can be shared through Office 365 based ContractPrime cloud legal tech solution.  Instructions can be given to lawyers by the general counsel through tasks or business processes, based on matter type and jurisdiction.

Documents and emails can be accessed through Outlook, Mobile or Windows App based on the matter security or by invitation.

Budget Management
Organization allocates budget for corporate legal department on matter, practice area, department, or external law firm level.  Legal spend management software must track all the internal and external spending by the legal department.  Timekeepers can submit their disbursements, time entry and invoices through client portal.  Approval workflow will route to matter responsible attorney for review.   Solution will validate the billed amounts against the standard rates by GL code.  Automatic approvals can be configured for select activity code, by the finance team.  Available budgets can be reported on the dashboard for different stakeholders.  Law firms or originating attorneys can request for additional budget or transfer the available funds between matters.

Complete Automation
ContractPrime contract workflow software will create matter when certain contract conditions are met or for any contracts leading to litigation.  Automation must create follow-ups with different actors and escalation when milestones are not reached.