The rich culinary tradition of a nation as large and diverse as India is one of the many pleasures of the namkeen here.  State-to-state differences in cooking styles can be attributed not just to inherited family recipes but also to Mughal, British, Persian, French, and Portuguese influences. India is a diverse nation, both in terms of its people and its culinary offerings. No matter which state you are in, each has its own namkeen

Namkeen is a Hindi word that means salty. There is a variety of snacks available in Indiathe flavourful salty snacks and a cup of kadak chai  or coffee are just a perfect combination for any Indian soul.

Indore.Online is an online namkeen store, that has the immense number of namkeens to choose from to satiate your cravings for salty snacks. Indore.Online is best known for their authentic Ratlami Sev, and Ujjaini Sev. They not only provide snack items, but  they also sell various food mixtures and other food items that includeKhatta Meetha Mixture, Instant Mix range, papad, chai, dudh, and many more.

Their service and the quality of food have gained them, customers all around India. Indore.Online is one of the best online namkeen stores, where one can easily find the best salty snacks they crave for.

Their Best Namkeen Products:

Although any snack that you pick from the store is enough to satiate the desire for snacks, at the same time it’s worth mentioning the best snack items that they offer.

Authentic Ratlami Sev:

ratlami sev namkeen

Ratlami Sev


This is one of the best and most delicious authentic indori namkeen that they offer. They ensure to give standard quality that includes the taste, crispness, and crunchiness of the product before delivering it. They maintain their standards of high-quality delicious food. Ratlami Sev goes well as a snack with tea or coffee.

Ujjaini Sev:

Ujjaini Sev

Ujjaini Sev

This is another flavorful namkeen made by This namkeen is a little different in size and flavor compared to the previous one. . As usual, the quality of food is not compromised in any way. This snack also goes with tea and coffee.

Apart from these two, there are other delicious namkeens they manufacture, which bring out the unique flavors of Indoor, such as Barik Feeki Sev, double laung sev, khatta meetha mixture, Shahi lajawab Mixture, Kali Mirch Mungfali dana, parmal bhel mixture and much more.

They not only sell snack items but also have a large variety of different products such as instant mixtures, papad, atta, spices, and many more. They also sell khakra (Somewhat like Papad, a Gujarati dish) which is available in different flavours, like, Masala, panipuri khakr, Methi, Jeera ajwain, Pav Bhaji. But these are not for online sales. They are only available for self-pickup from the Mumbai Store.


Snacks are what we enjoy in between meals. Snacks can be any type of food, but they differ in how they are prepared, transported, and consumed. Snacks taste great. Spend some time choosing your munchies; you won’t regret it later. Snacks are frequently associated with unhealthy, fatty, and spicy foods. Choose Indore.Online without hesitation if you are worried about the quality of your snacks. They are pure, nutritious, and delicious. provides the best value as a namkeen store and is a growth indicator for Indoor food flavours.  Their foods are no doubt authentic and serve the best purpose. So, whenever you crave to have some namkeens just recall and order their best snack item, as it has the potential to soothe your soul with its indoor’s rich flavours and with crispiness and crunchiness. Enjoy your small party or just evening relaxation time with a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks from