If your AC runs into trouble, you might need more than air conditioning repairs. Whether you have a new model or an existing one, you need to determine whether it makes sense to repair the machine. Deciding the right course of action is never easy since you need to consider several factors before making decisions. This guide outlines some essential parameters that you need to consider moving forward.

Some warning signs that indicate your air conditioner is in trouble –

  1. Squealing or grinding noise from your air conditioner.
  2. Your AC breaks down now and then.
  3. You’re generating high energy bills.
  4. Your AC has water leaks.
  5. The machine won’t turn off.
  6. Your cooling unit is blowing out hot air.
  7. Your AC is experiencing poor airflow.
  8. Your AC exudes burning smells.
  9. You observe dust everywhere.

What Should You Consider Before Repairing Your AC?

While an energy-efficient air conditioner is an investment you won’t regret, you wouldn’t want to buy a new system without verifying whether the existing one is working correctly. Some AC problems are minor and can be fixed at home with the right fixing kit. You can restore your machine without spending a hefty sum of money. It makes sense to do air conditioning repairs at home — all you need to do is gather relevant information from the manual and consult with the manufacturer for directions.

If you are confused about whether you need to install new parts or make heavy repairs, you should consult professionals for help. HVAC technicians should offer you suggestions based on the make, model, and condition of the system. Below, you will find the essential factors that you need to keep in mind as you proceed with air conditioning  repairs

The Age of Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes air conditioning repairs don’t fix your air conditioner. To ensure you’re getting adequate cooling, you need to ensure the system is optimized for maximum efficiency. AC machines can last 15-20 years with appropriate maintenance and care. If your AC runs into frequent breakdowns, you should check whether you have an old model. An old air conditioning system is harder to repair since you won’t get the spare parts you need. If your machine has completed more than 50% of its lifespan and experiences malfunctions, you should replace it with a new model.

Repair Charges

The cost of repairing is another essential factor you need to consider before hiring a service provider. You can hire local service providers to look at it, but chances are you will find patchy repairs that won’t offer a permanent fix. You can apply the 50% rule to ascertain the following steps – if your machine repair charges exceed more than 50% of its original cost, you need to purchase a new product.

Environmental Concerns

Some AC machines are older than ten years. The problem with these machines is that they use R-22 Freon refrigerant, a product that doesn’t have legal sanctions. The production and import of R-22 have been banned in the US. If your R22 refrigerant develops leaks, you have only one way out: to refuel your system with recycled R22.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Homeowners with faulty ACs have several things to worry about. If the AC is a rundown system that requires frequent repairs, the maintenance charges will be higher. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, the machine will also increase energy bills. So, maintenance is an essential factor you need to consider before investing in further repairs.

Energy Efficiency

Repairing a rundown system is always tricky. Whether fixing it at home or enlisting professional technicians for help, you need to ensure that your system is optimized for energy-efficient cooling. Tuning up your AC should fix the problem. If you’re dealing with efficiency issues that can’t be fixed with subsequent repairs, you might want to rethink your decision.

Cooling Needs

Your cooling needs also play an essential role in your repairing decisions. As time lapses, your cooling needs undergo significant changes. If you have an old system that doesn’t generate enough cooling, you might benefit from a new system.

Will You Be Staying in Your Home Long Enough?

Another essential consideration determining your decision is whether you have plans to stay at the apartment long enough. People in rented apartments or those who have dreams of relocating to a new place for work or other interests should decide whether they should repair their AC after all. If they migrate in the future, they might benefit from a new system.


Air conditioning repairs are not always straightforward. If you’re fixing your system at home, you need the correct information to ensure you’re choosing a permanent solution for long-term results. In some instances, your plan might fail to operate correctly even after repairing it several times. You can consult an expert technician to see if your system should be replaced instead of improving. You need to factor in the mentioned guidelines as you choose what’s best for your system.