The working of an air source heat pump transfers heat absorbed from an outdoor to an indoor space. This works through the wet central heating system for offering domestic warm water to heat radiators. Moreover, some users feel their working is quite similar to a refrigerator since they also absorb and transfer heat to another medium.

How many types of air-source heat pumps are there?

Many MCS Approved Air Source Heat Pump Buckinghamshire functions as a cooling system in hot weather conditions. Usually, you would find them outside the building with an excellent place to install them.

Two different types of air-source heat pumps are as follows:-

1. Air to air heat pumps

These are known for absorption of heat from the outside environment, then transfer directly into the house through a fan system for heating a particular space.

2. Air to water heat pumps

It also absorbs heat from outside space. Then, it is transferred through central heating to provide warm water, underfloor heating, and the radiator in an indoor area.

What are the advantages of an Air Source Heat Pump?

The advantages are discussed below:-

1. Lower Carbon Footprint

Air source heat pumps are recognized as one of the forms of low-carbon heating. Since it uses the air from the outside environment for the cooling process. The users who would switch from an electricity-based heating system can use this for cutting off carbon emissions.

2. Saves money

The electricity bills are reduced to a minimum if you use air source heat pumps since the cooling and heating are done via the outside air. In addition, it would not disrupt your financial budget since it’s cost-friendly.

3. No need for fuel storage

MCS Approved PV Installers Buckinghamshire eliminates the use of fuel storage since it’s used in the outside environment. It also cuts down the fees of other installation processes and deliveries since you are using wood pellets.

4. Low Maintenance

Keep in mind to call a technician for its maintenance and servicing once a year. These pumps don’t need higher care, but there are some things that users can perform to assure the optimization of their heat pump.

5. Longer Lifespan

They are used widely because of their longer lifespan, and with proper servicing and maintenance, they can be easily operated for around 15–20 years.

What’s the importance of an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source heat pump is considered a perfect alternative to gas boilers. However, they consume a large part of the slack because of its beneficial features.

At Harveys Mechanical, we provide such machines at an affordable cost. This machine is also famous for reducing carbon emissions by saving thousands of your pounds.

These machines are highly user-friendly. Their operation is devoid of any noise, so you can easily carry on with your office work without any disturbance. They also fit correctly outside one’s house instead of consuming a prominent place in a room.