Kartar offers a wide range of advanced tractors powered by Kirloskar Diesel engines to meet the needs of Indian farmers. Kartar has 4 tractor models to offer in India; these tractors’ HP range from 40 HP to 60 HP. Tractor Kartar is designed according to the farming and construction activities. In the below section, you can find the 2 popular tractor models with specifications. 

A. KARTAR 5136

  • Kartar 5136 comes with a dual-clutch, offering a smooth gear shifting.
  • Moreover, it has a 10-speed gearbox, including 8 forward + 2 reverse gears.
  • Kartar 5136 has 14.51 kmph of reverse and 33.27 kmph of forwarding speeds.
  • The Oil Immersed brakes of this tractor model keep it safe from slippage and accidents.
  • Kartar 5136 steering type is power steering to give the desired movement to the tractor with ease.
  • It offers a large fuel tank capacity of 55 litres for long hours on farms.
  • In addition, Kartar 5136 is fitted with 1800 Kg strong Lifting capacity, which is sufficient to lift and pull heavy types of equipment.
  • The 5136 Kartar tractor price is suitable according to its features.  

B. Kartar 4036


  • Kartar 4036 is loaded with a Single Clutch. In addition, this tractor has a Partial Constant Mesh gearbox including 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears which aids in transferring motion and torque between tractor components.
  • Kartar 4036 is manufactured with Oil Immersed Brakes and Manual Steering that prevent slip and fall accidents. 
  • This tractor offers a 55-litre large fuel tank capacity for long working hours on farms.
  • Kartar 4036 is fitted with a 1800 Kg strong lifting capacity to lift enough kinds of attachment. 

For further information regarding Kartar tractor models in India, stay tuned with us.