The digital world’s evolving ability is commendable. There is a technological advancement to fit every individual business requirement in their stipulated budget. So, no venture is left without integrating the desired framework, features, content modules, etc. 

But, there is some confusion when you sit and think about an apt development platform for your web app. So, herein, a popular debate among the developers of Laravel vs WordPress is discussed for you PHP developers, which will help develop website development on track.  

Let’s get into the comparison of platforms and find out which is the better option in 2022. 

Laravel vs WordPress: Overview

What is Laravel?

It is an open-source, popular PHP framework created to design easy web apps with built-in features. The built-in tools help in high-performing software development, avoiding online errors. 

Laravel is very commonly used in developing eCommerce websites. It provides a heavy codebase that requires apt knowledge of HTML, PHP, & CSS to create an efficient website. The server-side advancement is not for beginners looking to build their first website. Only an experienced developer can easily use this platform to build a scalable project. 

Several laravel development services make the extra framework special. The flexible coding functionality of Laravel allows adding code without writing from scratch. The authenticated system has great features and tools like eloquent ORM, Artisan-prebuilt commands, automated testing, and more. All the more, Laravel has an MVC architecture- model view controller that makes it the most important development platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is known as an open-source content management system (CMS). It has a market share exceeding 40% of the internet, from small bloggers to huge-sized corporations that use WordPress to manage content.

It is a reliable & free system with huge community support. One can access website development without knowing the coding to use. WordPress has varied plugins for millions of domains. Specific features are added to your website that normally requires coding expertise.

What is the difference between Laravel & WordPress?

Basic comparison Laravel WordPress
Define Open-source PHP framework Open-source content management system
Architecture Model view controller architecture It contains features like plugin architecture
Framework It is a framework It is not a framework
Simplicity It is complex compared to WordPress It is simple than Laravel
Built-in It has great built-in functionalities WordPress has extended functionality through plugins
  • Accessibility: 

Regarding accessibility, Laravel development is made for coding experts. One must have knowledge and skills in using the platform. It is made for code enthusiasts and is a complex framework for an individual making a website.

Only a proficient laravel development company or laravel developer can easily use the PHP framework. It has many built-in plugins and functionalities that make the end-user experience intuitive. Laravel provides high-performing applications to one who is capable of understanding the open-source framework attentively.

In the case of WordPress, there is no need for a user to gain coding knowledge. It is a simple content management system that allows for building any website. A user is allowed to integrate various plugins performing different functionalities seamlessly into the system. The tools in the open-source content manager are free and reliable. A developer using this platform can also customize his theme for a professional quality website. Thus, in terms of accessibility, WordPress is far ahead of Laravel.

  • Performance:

Laravel is a framework known for its quicker & faster performance. With Eloquent, a developer gets database queries easily, which helps rapid development.

While in WordPress, plugins make the overall performance of a website slow. Though a strongly coded plugin makes WordPress fast, it completely depends on the speed of the plugin. It becomes really difficult to maintain load as the content management system cannot cope with the other advancements of the digital world.

  • eCommerce development:

A developer can easily make customized eCommerce sites with Laravel. A business can obtain uniformly built & less maintenance web development. But the only pre-requirement is apt coding knowledge of the Laravel framework. 

In WordPress, dozens of eCommerce plugins allow for building an online store. All these plugins are possible to achieve through WooCommerce. It also gives access to payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Both platforms are equally used in developing eCommerce websites. Because of the popularity of WooCommerce, WordPress is well-known throughout online ventures. The same is with Laravel, as it is in the good books of developers who are after providing their clients with an authentic backend technology.

  • Designing website: 

Laravel has customization options, some of which are free to integrate into web development. However, you don’t need to pay a dime to create a top-notch website in the hands of a skilled web designer. Without using tools, you can code everything yourself and produce stunning, responsive pages.

Nevertheless, most customers will select software that offers templates and other special capabilities that are challenging to duplicate. Laravel can be a strong design platform if you know it.

When it comes to WordPress, there are over 4000 free themes to choose from. Also, a developer can use the page builder to make a unique website. Each theme is altered & one can also modify colors, fonts, and layout. If you choose the appropriate theme, you have completed around half of the task. The layout customization is the other half.

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Unlike most traditional frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or Java EE, which were primarily designed for creating traditional client-server applications, Node.js was primarily designed for creating fast, efficient, and scalable P2P (Peer to Peer) applications. These are applications where the servers don’t really care about the end user, they just want to serve content to as many people as possible.
When it comes to optimizing P2P applications for performance, you want to make sure that content is being loaded as quickly as possible, and the fastest way to do that is to keep the number of hops between the client and server to a minimum. For example, if you’re using a static web server to deliver your content, rather than having to go through a third-party proxy like Cloudflare, which will always introduce a bit of a delay, you can directly connect to the server and access the content as fast as possible.

  • Use Multiple Processors

As we’ve established, Node.js applications are more efficient when used with all the resources available on your computer. In terms of performance, this means that having more than one processor can boost your application’s speed significantly. Even more so if you’re using multiple cores on a single processor, or multiple processors on a single core.
When using multiple processors or cores, the load is divided between the different components of your application, which means that each one will have to wait their turn to process the request, rather than all of them being able to run simultaneously, which would cause a bottleneck and overload. In other words, using multiple processors or cores can speed up your application considerably.

  • Use Memory-Mapped Files To Share Data Locally

If you’re sharing data between processes (for example, if you’re using Redis for storing session data or config files), then you can’t just have these files stored in the same directory, because any processes that are using these files will simply overwrite each others’ data. To prevent this from happening, you can use memory-mapped files, which are files mapped into physical memory, rather than relying on the hard drive to store the data when using the files.

If you have expertise in creating custom CSS and would like to share your knowledge with our readers, we welcome you to write for us. Despite being able to create an outstanding website without coding, the ability to personalize your theme with custom CSS can add a unique touch. Therefore, WordPress offers the perfect balance for users.

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On a concluding note

It depends on your budget and the app development company you partner with. Website development is an amalgamation of ideas supported by the tech stack & creativity of an experienced developer. You can pick any advancements for your web app to obtain the best online performance. Be the best to get ahead of your competitors in the digital world. Choose an appropriate platform as per your business requirements & explore the space by integrating apt features and functionalities.