Online Quran Academy has digitalized the way you can learn Quran without going anywhere. Where the COVID situation has hit all other sectors, the Quran learning and reading process of many children is also affected.

However, the online Quran Academy in the USA brings an efficient solution for this. These academies are providing Quran knowledge to people in the comfort of their homes. However, you can easily find scholars and tutors for your children so that they can learn Quran thoroughly with proper understanding.

If you are seeking reliable online Quran learning, our online Quran Academy in the USA provides the best services. At our platform, children, as well as adults, can learn Quran from the expert scholars in the comfort of their homes. We offer many online Quran courses that you can learn.

All our tutors are highly knowledgeable and professional. Students can learn basic as well as detailed Quran teachings through our online Quran classes in the USA. Hence, you are free to schedule the class at your convenience.

Being the best Quran Academy online, we offer the best Quran education to males, females, and children. Hence, our academy enables you to read Quran online with Tajweed. We provide great assistance to you and your children by ensuring the best online Quran learning services from our highly qualified female and male Quran tutors. Moreover, our online Quran programs and courses are available for people of every age group.

Online Quran Academy Purposes

Get reliable and efficient Quran knowledge online with us. We aim to spread Islamic learning in every corner of the world. However, our online Quran teaching services are available for everyone who want to teach Quran in the best possible way.

At our online Quran Academy in the USA, you and your children can understand and read Quran online without going anywhere. Hence, the main purposes of our academy are as follows!

⦁          To keep spreading Quran teachings and knowledge online in this COVID-19 situation

⦁          To teach you the accurate Quran recitation with Tajweed

⦁          To provide fast and convenient online Quran learning

⦁          To give the detailed Quran knowledge to people

⦁          To help you in learning the proper Quran recitation methods in detail

⦁          Online Quran translation and understanding of every part by our expert scholars

We offer Many Online Quran Courses 

Learn Quran Online in detail with us as we are providing incredible online Quran classes and teachings. You can gain benefits from our online Quran tutors. Many students have already learned Quran from us. Hence, we offer basic as well as advanced online Quran courses from which you can choose. New Muslims can also gain advantages from our Quran academy online in the USA. We provide Skype Quran classes however we ensure that you will become proficient in Quran reciting. You do not need to go out of your home to learn the Quran courses online we are offering. The courses we offer are as follows!

  • Norani Qaida Classes

Get the most efficient Norani Qaida online classes for your children from our academy. Our tutors teach the Qaida word by word so that your child can learn Quran easily at the advanced stages. We explain every word and its sound to the children than allow them to learn the basics of the Quran and pronunciation of the Arabic language very well.

  • Online Quran Reading with Tajweed

Those who have completed their Norani Qaida classes can choose our Quran reading with tajweed course online. In this course, we give considerable knowledge about Arabic along with the Quran recitation and translation teachings. This helps you to understand and learn the Quran excellently while staying at home. After this course, you will have a grip on many Surahs, Kalimas, and duas. Also, you will become familiar with the basic principles and rules of Islam. Our scholars give you incredible teaching on reading Quran with tajweed rules by giving you a complete understanding of 28 alphabets of Arabic.

  • Read and Memorize Quran Online Academy Course

Memorize Quran online with us as our scholars are experienced and proficient that give you lessons on daily basis, explain verses, and help you to memorize the Quran word by word. Also, we emphasize revisions so that remember the previous lesson along with the new. Before starting the Quran memorizing course, we make you proficient in reading Quran with tajweed along with the knowledge of the Arabic language. However, our teachers cooperate with children very well thus providing lessons as per the mental capabilities of each student.

  • Online Quran Qirat Course

Learn to recite the Quranic verses in a beautiful tone by taking our Qirat course online. Our Qirat tutors help you to learn and practice the best tones to recite the Quran that will captivate the heart of listeners. Many students have learned beautiful Qirat from our tutors however you can also be a professional Quran reciter with us. We give you the best online Arabic language teaching, make you familiar with its pronunciation rules and grammar so that you can recite each word properly to make the Qirat beautiful as a whole. We start from basic and then expand the course step by step.

  • Quran Tafseer Online Course

Reading the Quran is important. However, more important is to understand its meaning and Allah’s message to humanity. To help you in this, we offer the most efficient and easy-to-understand Quran Tafseer course online. At our online Quran academy, knowledgeable scholars explain everything to you in detail so that you can develop the right insight. We explain every verse, its background, lessons, teachings, and all related aspects to make you familiar with everything.

Get Online Quran Classes on Skype from us

Forget about all worries related to Quran teaching when you have a choice of our Quran academy online. We provide Quran online classes on Skype as this app is easily accessible to all. Our tutors deliver all the courses face to face to the students to enhance their sense of security, involvement, and engagement. Your children will get the right attention from tutors that convince them to focus more and more on their learnings. Hence, we give you a chance to arrange online Quran classes for you or your children at your convenience.

You can set the time after negotiating with us. Usually, a class goes on for 30 to 40 minutes per day. We introduce to all the teachers via skype thus giving you a chance to choose one for your kid. Besides, our Quran online academy provides you full protection against any online fraud or scam as we are the most trusted name. We fully take care of the security of your data.

Why Choose us?

Being the leading online Quran academy in the USA, we are serving many people by providing exceptional services. We are working intending to attain ALLAH Almighty’s blessings and pleasure. Our goal is to keep on spreading ALLAH’s message and the knowledge of the Quran without any obstacles. To cope with the COVID-19 situation, our online Quran classes are the best solution for your children to get basic as well as advanced Quran knowledge. With us, you can easily read and memorize Quran online academy without leaving the house.

Our tutors are highly professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. However, we offer various online Quran courses such as Norani Qaida classes, Quran learning with tajweed, Quran memorizing, Qirat, Tafseer, Translation, and more. Hence, all the online classes are conducted via skype to engage students properly in learning. We provide online Quran classes for children, beginners, and adults. There is no age or gender restriction in our academy.

You can easily signup with us to start learning your selected course at the comfort of your home. Moreover, we offer 24/7 support to our clients. We are helping people to find reliable, knowledgeable, and suitable online Quran tutors without any hassle.

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