A designer and styling brand is pleased to announce its recent attendance at New York Fashion Week in September 2022. Leojeany sent a sponsor in an effort to gather inspiration for their upcoming clothing line. The brand hopes this new collection of Leojeany items will encourage the Leojeany mission of mixing high fashion with streetwear.

Leo Li, the founder of Leojeany and the brand’s top stylist, sat next to prominent figures at New York Fashion Week, maintaining that, “The experience was monumental in Leojeany’s growth, which we hope to push in a certain direction with the new line.”

    Some of the most essential fashion trends that the brand found during the week-long series of affairs will outline the company’s new line. Favorite fashion week pieces of the Leojeany sponsor were lingerie as casual wear, leather, full-body pieces, silky tracksuits, neon hats, and glittery dresses. The brand maintains that these most closely fall into the Leojeany look.

    “A typical Leojeany look will feature bold, popping colors and crazy patterns,” claims Li. “We hope to normalize what is currently considered crazy. Really, we strive toward anything considered out-there or extreme.”

Leojeany has before dealt in the realm of luxury and expensive wear. But now, the company prefers to turn more toward attainable. It plans to make these high-end pieces more accessible, convenient, and comfortable for shoppers. A personal touch of Leojeany is to combine the exclusive feel of high-end pieces with the inclusive details of streetwear.

At Fashion Week, Leojeany found plenty to inspire its collection while exposing some of its best ensembles. Some of the sponsor’s main takeaways were neon, fluffy hats, and glittery dresses. As the company is currently in its startup phase, the occasions Leojeany was seen at were a learning experience for the brand, as it leans toward breakthrough styles such as what is commonly seen on the runway.

Leojeany’s representative also sported a Leojeany look at a panel hosted by several iconic fashion designers and well-known tennis champions, who spoke on the intersection of sport and style in modern culture. Other events included shows by legendary fashion brands Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Fendi, and Laquan Smith.

Upon reviewing the entirety of Fashion Week, Leojeany mentioned that the brand is interested in incorporating key trends, such as the straight neon hairstyles at the Fendi show and the Warhol influence seen at the Tommy Hilfiger show in the form of bold colors, ponchos, heavy coats, and umbrellas. 

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