Among professionals in the real estate sector, many talks take place. However, one stands out. It is the question, “why aren’t more real estate agents and brokers working on getting real estate enthusiasts and investors to build their portfolios and put up more residential houses for sale in San Fernando?”

The answer is simple. Most real estate professionals in Northridge, CA, for example, are not aware of if and how this can be done.

Are you a real estate agent searching for partnerships with real estate companies in Northridge, Ca?

This post will highlight these possibilities and advise you on how you can link yourself with investors and build your real estate network.

Why Collaborate with Investors?

– Unlike end-users, investors are far more focused on the sorts of property they want to acquire. Only if it matches their investment requirements will they likely buy it. If you show the investor a good home that meets what they want, you have gained an opportunity to expand your network.

– Unlike the end-user, who may only search for a new house every three years or longer, active investors will generally acquire many properties either monthly or yearly! If you do a fantastic job for them, they will return, giving you a potentially unlimited income stream through commissions. Furthermore, they often have an extensive network of other investors with whom they may connect you.

– Most investors will make all-cash offers on the homes they want to buy; therefore, mortgage difficulties are irrelevant.

– Successful real estate investors are active in each of the four market cycles, regardless of economic conditions. Aligning yourself with investors will open you to different ideas about how you can build and sustain a business model that will last through good and bad times.

How Real Estate Professionals Prepare to Work with Real Estate Investors

Many real estate professionals could use some help in this area. Investors are willing to work with real estate agents who understand their company strategies, negotiation, and marketing skills, are business-oriented, and more. Here are some vital things to know as you prepare to deal with investors:

– Create a business plan to serve as the basis for your journey.

Write a business plan to build a foundation before the investors. This business plan will let the investors know what you have to offer and what they get when they invest in you.

– Work towards getting certified as a buyer’s agent.

How competent are you as a buyer agent during your time as a real estate agent? What is your track record? Have you sealed many property buying or selling deals? This is key for many investors. They want to ensure they have someone who has considerable experience in negotiating and marketing and is certified as a buyer agent.

– Hone your skills.

You must assess your current skill set and identify any gaps. Once the talent shortage has been discovered, you should put a strategy to address it. There are several options for skill development strategies.

What Do You Expect from Your Investors?

As a real estate professional, there are some things you need to find out from an investor you want to partner with. The following is a checklist of what you should expect from your investors:

    • Preference for flip, hold, or wholesale property.
    • Proof of funds
    • Their past experiences with home purchases.
    • Business plans to determine short and long-term acquisition goals.
    • The expected date/deadline of purchase.
    • Choice of payment.
    • Price ranges.
    • House types and sizes (preferred number of rooms and baths)
    • Preference for fixer-uppers or ready property.

A Note on Proof of Funds

You will need a bank statement or other documentation proving where the funding is coming from, and since most investors prefer to pay in cash, you have to request the required pre-qualification or pre-approval documents. Be wary and diligent about uncovering sources of capital as some loans have no guarantee of approval.


There is a lot to gain from the coming together of real estate professionals and willing investors in the real estate field. Understanding what each one wants is key to making the synergy and partnership worthwhile and fulfilling.

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