Lost Ark has a wide array of Islands, and Medeia Island is one of them, but it holds a great treasure and an engaging quest. In this guide, I will show everything you need for Lost Ark Medeia Island, including its location, how to get its token, and all the Mokoko Seed locations.

Lost Ark Medeia Island

Lost Ark Medeia Island: Where Is It Located?

The island can be found between the Shushire and North Vern continents. It’s directly northwest of one of the Lost Ark Shangra locations and northeast of the Lost Ark Monte Island.

How to Get to Medeia Island in Lost Ark?

Medeia Island is an adventure island, meaning it spawns on a somewhat randomized schedule with a series of other islands, meaning it may not be available every day. You can check your Procyon’s Compass in the top-right of the screen below the map to see when it is available. To determine when you can complete the adventure island, you can go through your alarm settings and hover over Medeia Island in the Adventure Island drop-down menu. You can head to Media Island via ship when it is active.

Also, it requires players to be combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 to take part.

How to Get Medeia Island Token in Lost Ark?

To get the Medeia Island Token, players need to complete a unique quest. It is a cooperative quest called Medeia War and involves a player versus player (PvP) battle.

The quest begins 3 minutes after the first player arrives on the island. It involves players splitting into two teams, intending to reach 1300 points to win.

Players earn points with kills, which net that team 10 points, and assists that net 5 points. Another way of getting points is by shining mirrors on shrines. This is possible by taking a mirror and aiming at a shrine with the Q Skill. This will net you 12 points. There are Movement & Attack Buffs scattered across the Island. These Buffs will increase your movement speed by 40% for 8 seconds & attack power by 100% for 3 minutes.

Once either team has reached the score, they each get rewards according to what place they received.

• 1st place – Medeia’s Gift and 2,000 Silver
• 2nd place – Medeia’s Gift and 1,000 Silver

Players on both teams also earn the Medeia’s Gift, which has a chance of dropping the Medeia Island Token. You may have to complete the island a few times to get this due to the RNG factor.

Where to Find All Mokoko Seeds on Medeia Island in Lost Ark?

Medeia Island Mokoko Seeds

Medeia has two Mokoko Seeds on it. Here are all the Mokoko Seed locations:

On the far South-Western edge of the island, there is a staircase leading to some rocks the player can break. After doing so, the Mokoko seeds will be on the left and right of the player. Once players have found two seeds, please walk up to them and press G to collect them.

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